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The Five Principles of Al-lslam

Imam Wallace D. Muhammad


With the Name Allah (In the Name of God),
the Gracious, the Compassionate

(Excerpts from a Khutbah delivered by Emam Wallace D. Muhammad at jumah Prayer, March 10, 1978 - continued from a previous issue.)

The Muslims also have to give charity. The Muslim is not one who can keep growing materially, keep growing intellectually and not give anything.

Does a tree grow without giving? Does a blade of grass grow without giving? No. It grows and soon it yields seeds and gives much to the earth. Even a small blade of grass gives much back to the earth.

Everything in life that grows gives back and God has established charity for us. And charity should not be just giving material things.

A Muslim is one who believes in giving his whole self to Allah: "Surely I have turned my whole self to You, Oh Allah."

You have to give your whole self, give of your material wealth, give of your knowledge, give of your sentiments.

Let the community share your sentiments. Let us feel the love that is in your heart. Let us feel the goodness that is in your nature. Let us feel the charity that is in your nature. Let us feel it from your heart, from your mind, from your total being. This is a Muslim.

"Oh. 1 thought that was a Christian?" Yes — you thought. Christ and his mother are .only a sign of something that was to come and be fulfilled in Prophet Muhammad.

If any Christian wants to understand his religion, read the Quran. Get the guidance from Allah that was revealed to Prophet Muhammad, then he will understand his religion.
And when he understands his religion, he'll say, "These people are us and we are not ourselves." Yes.

When the Christian really comes to understand his religion, the gospel, the New Testament, he will say, "The Muslims are us and we are not ourselves."

What does the Book say? "The peacemakers shall be called the sons of God."

The Pope knows what "son" means. It means a follower of God's way as our sons follow their fathers. Children follow their parents and that's a poetic or allegorical way, a symbolic way of saying that God is over us and we are like little helpless children.

God leads us and we follow like children. The New Testament says, "Unless you come in as little children..." You don't have to be a child of God in a physical sense. You can't be.

In the physical sense you are what the Quran tells us: "You're the creations of God." It says: "Whenever He wants a son. He creates a son."

He doesn't have to depend on reproduction. He's the Creator. He creates and then establishes reproduction.

Some people don't like me because I'm "unorthodox." I believe I'm Sunnah. They can call me unorthodox but I stand on Sunnah. That's the way of Prophet Muhammad.

The works of Satan just won't stop until this religion, as Allah promised, has become the dominant influence over all.

This article is from the Chicago Sun-Times, March 9th. It says, "Author says he has seen boy created from cloning."

This is a method they have created to bring about the development of living cells into a full organism.

He (the author) claims that he has seen a boy, I think he says is about 14-months-old, He's a witness that this boy was created.

Personally, I don't believe it! I have to get more information.

On the information he has here, I don't believe it. I think it's another attempt to frighten people and intimidate them away from following God.

Haven't the scriptures, even their (Christian) scriptures, told us that the ambition of Satan is to establish himself as God? To pretend that he has the power of Almighty God?

The Holy Quran says, "He (Satan) is the one who decorates the path to sin." He makes it tempting, makes it seem like it's the right path so when you look at the path to Allah, it doesn't look attractive.

When you look at the path of Satan, he's got it all lighted with fancy lights and beautiful things. It's all decorated to seduce you to come into it and walk this way.

He makes the way fair-seeming — the way to sin and self-destruction.

"He even defaces the nature that God established." This is Allah and the Quran. He says that Satan is the one who defaces the original nature that God established.

Did God establish that we should be cloned?!! Or that we should be created and reproduced from man and woman?!!

God established that the human being should be a creation, His creation. And that we should multiply by male and female, and be born of our mothers.
To be continued ...

- Your brother in Service to Allah Wallace D. Muhammad