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American Muslim Mission

A Statement by Imam Warith Deen Muhammad


CHICAGO — Imam Warith Deen Muhammad, leader and president of the World Community of Al-Islam in the West, recently announced that his organization's name has been changed to AMERICAN MUSLIM MISSION.

"The term 'community' was desired for its ability to hold for our vision the total picture of society. In the term community one can see the total society. The same service was provided in the expression 'Nation of Islam,' however, both terms spoke weakly for our zeal or passion for progress.

"The Quranic term for Mission is 'DA-WAH.' This term speaks more directly to our aspirations and thrust. Literally, the term Da-wah signifies involvement in those concerns affecting the life of society, and the need to stay on top of the issues or to keep current. Nations and communities come and go, Da-wah continues.

"The term 'ummah' is wrongly translated into nation. The term ummah addresses the Islamic community in its international scope and concept, and it does not refer to geography but to the concept of our social and cultural life. We are still the ummah of Al-Islam as is every Muslim community existing anywhere in the world.

"Most of the active Muslim communities in the work of progressing the good life of humanity are identified by this term Da-wah or Mission. There are many nations and many communities. Most of them are stale, stagnant, and some are dead. The term Da-wah suggests vigor and progress. Literally, it means a continuous calling. The call of Al-Islam can never overlook current problems and the need to serve the best aspirations of society.

"I personally feel Divine Providence has made us know our calling through Al-Islam. Our Mission is not to serve narrow political or economic interests. Our Mission is not service to a particular government and its interests at home and abroad. Our Mission will never become a tool in the hands of those who will conspire for world dominance. Our Mission is Da-wah. Its main concern is the wholesome and just aspirations of all humanity.

"Being that we are native Americans, the name AMERICAN MUSLIM MISSION is truly appropriate. You may abbreviate it, A.M. and we will never be in the P.M. because we do not anticipate a decline anywhere in the future."