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Muhammad Speaks

A Growth Note:

Supreme Minister W.D. Muhammad


God has a mind as men have a mind, but His mind is Divine and Supreme. He has plans as a man has desires.
We call our plans "desires" because they can't come about unless they are favored or unless we have good fortune.
We don't say that God has desires because He has nothing planned that depends upon good fortune. He makes good fortune for Himself and for whomsoever He pleases.

Do you think Almighty God is going to let you scrap His divine plan for your rise to world glory in the Body-Christ (the Nation of Islam) today?
He has been working on this great plan for trillions and trillions of years and He has finally brought it to fullness today for His Glory all over the earth.

If you try to stop it, He will come against you as an angry man. He will catch you resting when you should be here working with us, and He is going to disturb your rest. He is going to catch you showing off and having your silly fun with your super-fly dress and with all of your way out styles and habits.

He is going to come against you as a mighty man. He will be angry with you, the one He has spent so much time on and labored so hard with. He has given you so much and you don't respect it.
Brothers and Sisters, He is going to do things with you no power on earth can match.
I am warning you now because the time is pretty well out for your foolishness.