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The Man And The Woman In Islamic Society: Part 3

W.D. Muhammad


In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful Peace and Blessings upon His Servant and His Messenger, Muhammad, forever. Amen. There is no god but Allah: Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.

My Dear Brother-rand Sisters,


New Fruit

The man and the woman in the Islamic society know that Islam has more knowledge of their interest as human beings than they do. Islam has more knowledge of their well-being, their safety and their defense than the individual has and it has more knowledge they do. That is why so many men and women are joining this body called the Lost-Found Nation of Islam. Human beings are gregarious by nature-that is, they have the nature and the instinct to come together in a group. We know that our power increases when our number increases. That is how man has managed to progress in the world and to conquer many obstacles. The man (mind) in our society of the Lost-Found Nation of Islam is the product (fruit) of a new world.


Practice Self-Discipline

The man in the Islamic society should make all kinds of sacrifices to set an example for his wife, his mother and his little children. He should set an example before them that they cannot question and he should not give them any excuses to disrespect worthy authority. A woman looks for an excuse to ignore authority. That is not something wrong in her, that is something great in her. The woman knows that she has to give birth to the new leaders of a new world and that society is waiting on her for its arrival. If she does not produce healthy beings, society will come to an end. She knows this and she is not going to trust her new tender creation to weak leadership. She will tear at the man and test him to make sure that he is strong enough to take her new tender roots and protect them until they get in their own position. This is her job and it is the man's duty to see that he does not fail her and that he does not fail the young. The man must learn to discipline himself by learning how to apply his willpower. Apply your great willpower to the weaknesses in your body and to the infirmities in your nature and say, "Submit, bow."

I am telling you what I know will get you in control -of yourself. You will have trouble with members in your own body'. Tell them that you know where you have to go and that they can cry as long as they want to, but they must bend like you tell them to bend. Even if the heart starts complaining, say, "Go to hell heart, I am going to heaven, to the Zion that Allah has pointed out to me." That is what you have to do, brother and sister.


Respect Intelligence

As yon grow in the society, you wake up and know that you were born out of the womb of your flesh. Your flesh has the nature of desires and it has a mind of its own that is seen or reflected in the five senses. It does not have intelligence, it does not have the power to reason, the power to weigh and balance, or the power to relate and refer and then, by inference, to arrive at a new truth. The flesh cannot do that, but it will try to pull you away from the mighty goal (reward) of Almighty God because the nature of creation is to test everything


155.  Be sure we shall test you
With something of fear
And hunger, some loss
In goods or lives or the fruits
(Of your toil), but give
Glad tidings'" to those
Who patiently persevere,—

156. Who say, when afflicted
With calamity : " To God
We belong, and to Him
Is our return": —

157. They are those on whom
(Descend) blessings from God,
And Mercy,
And they are the ones
That receive guidance.

Holy Quran - Yusuf Ali translation: Sura II: Verses 155-157



Allah says that He has created us so that we may grow. The growing process is a process of overcoming conflicts and adversaries. One power is saying that it wants to save you and another power is saying that it wants to give you up. These powers are always struggling against each other in nature and their struggle manifests growth. Every time the power that was chosen to rule respects the position that was given to it and holds its own, it brings about growth. Whenever it overcomes the other power that was pulling against it and it gains a victory, it pushes the whole vehicle a step ahead in the road. This is nature, brothers and sisters. Do not think that life is all a bed of roses.


4. Verily We have created
Man into toil and struggle.
Holy Quran  Yusuf Ali translation: Sura XC: Verse 4

A life without conflict and struggle will never create a Christ or a Caliph in the earth, it will only manifest "roses and butterflies." Those things are beautiful, but they do not have strength and they cannot support a world or a society of men we must have respect for intelligence because that is what rules in our own individual kingdom. If we are to have a collective body that is a greater society, we must respect intelligence that is superior outside of our individual bodies. We must respect all superiority and we must respect all authority.


The Woman's Authority

The men in the Islamic society must respect the authority of the women, the wives, because they have authority and they have superiority. In their field of authority, there is superiority for them over the man. The husband should not insist that his wife run the home like he thinks it, should be run. If he cannot peacefully get her to comply or to agree with him, he should accept her decision and say, "She is the authority in the home, not me." If you do this, you will have more peace in your home. Some men want to be father and mother, husband and wife. They will even argue with their wife about what color the baby's blanket should be. There is too much work for the man to do in the society for him to be wasting his precious time arguing with his wife over things that the female should have authority over. He should just make an intelligent well-meaning and peaceful suggestion to the woman. If she says, "No," he should say, "Well, that is your job." This is the best way to respect authority in the home as long as the responsibility of the husband or the wife does not go undone, or as long as they do not disrespect the
Islamic way of life.


Respect For Leadership

No society will respect a people as a community of men (minds) if they do not see in them respect for leadership and a respect for knowledge. In the Islamic community, we have what is called a "democratic society" in Western terminology. We are able to call meetings and voice our likes and dislikes. In this way, the least of us has the freedom and the equality that will open the way for us to put our complaint on the table. If our position is the right position and the stronger position, there is a chance that it will be adopted. In this way we are all free and in a sense equal, but we have to respect authority.

You should let your wives, your mothers and your little children know that you are strong enough to recognize superiority. Let them know that you are strong  enough  to recognize intelligent leadership and that you are strong enough to discipline yourself. Show the world  that you are a man (a leg) for the society and that you support it. Let the whole society see that you are alive and that your sun is on the horizon. You should smile, stand up and greet it. If you do this, you will keep the society strong, alert and alive. There are   always destructive  "germs" coming into the society that want to kill it. They know that the power of a society is its leadership. As long as there is respect, recognition and lively reception for that leadership,  those destructive “germs” know that they do not have any power at all to hurt the society. Recognition for leadership  kills all enemies  and  all adverse germs right away. The people's lively response to the sun that lights their world (their leadership) lets the "germs" know that they have no hope in destroying the society. They know that they might as well move out because if they stay in the strong society, the light and the life will kill them.


The Objective

The role of the man in an Islamic society is the role of "support." The man and the woman in the Lost-Found Nation of Islam are the products (fruits) of a new world of Islam. The object of the man in our community is to push the whole community forward. The purpose, the aim and the objective of the legs is to serve the body as a support by answering the dictate of the head. It is to support the body, to lift the body up when it has to be -lifted and to carry it to its destination.

No society wants members that tear down the spirit or the enthusiasm of a community by hurting the morale. This is the first step towards the crime we call treason. Treason is not treason instantly, it grows from one weakness to a bigger weakness, from one corruption to a bigger corruption and from one evil to a bigger evil. The beginning of this disease is noticed when members of the society sit down and show no interest in the progress of the community. They do this so that their darkness will deaden those near to them. They hope that others will see their darkness so that their spirit will be darkened and deadened.


Nature Dictates Discipline

We have to have discipline. Nature dictates that if we do not discipline our body and our society, we are going to lose them. Things have to fit in their place and they have to perform their individual role. There is a role for every member in the body, but they must be disciplined. The duty of the head is to look after the well being and the cleanliness of your body once you become infected. The head also has to see that the body stays in motion because if the body sits too long, it is going to loose its muscular health and strength through decay. When it is asked to get up and run, it will not have the power to move.

The mind has to enforce discipline. "One and one is two" is not any more simple than what I have just told you because these things enter your mind and your heart and you know that it is the truth. Your whole being knows that what we teach is the truth, but you have to learn that one and one is two. That knowledge has to come from without your body. But, what I am telling you was born within your body. It has grown in you and you know it to be reality.


The Creation Of A New Knowledge

The Lost -Found Nation of Islam in the West is showing the world that there is a new man and a new woman on the scene today. The new man and the new woman that have been born in America are not the creation of this grafted world's mentality, but they are the creation of a new knowledge that is a divine knowledge. Believe me, the Lost -Found Nation of Islam is respected all over the world. You should be happy and proud that there is no community on earth that has the respect that we have. Some of whom have a great name and a great respect in some parts of the earth, but none of  them have respect and recognition in every corner of the earth like we have.

The world knows that if a people who had been as thoroughly destroyed as we were destroyed are now what they hear that we are, we must be a giant of a people. They expect for the Bilalian community of the Western hemisphere to have a drunken hangover from more than three centuries of physical enslavement, lynchings and merciless attacks by racists. But, here we are standing up on the earth and we are-not being held back by the hangover of slavery and persecution. We are moving ahead as though we have never been afflicted. The people of the world know that this is a miracle in any society and that is why they all recognize us and respect us.

All the world is looking at us, brother and sister. You do not know how great you have become.

Your brother,
W.D. Muhammad