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World Saviour

Chief Minister W.D. Muhammad


Today we have the opportunity presented to us by Almighty Allah to come into a new mission. This divine mission will grow and grow and spread all over the world. It is not a mission to take the people away from God, but a mission that will bring them closer to the true God and the good things they have received from the prophets of God.

The Divine Mind of Almighty God is directing me as I guide you into the knowledge and the execution of this great mission. It is a mission which has been prophesied in the scriptures to be accomplished in this day and time of the resurrection of the second Jesus. This mission will bring the people more into the reality of God and will give them additional knowledge and guidance that they already have of God's prophets.
The Book says that this mission would be performed by a people who were not a people. In the past, Bilalian people of America have not been recognized as a people.

We have only been the willing subjects of another people, empty vessels handled by that people as they so desired. But today, those vessels are filled with human knowledge. We have come into a new life, a new growth, a new mind, and a new spirit. We now have the power to move on the earth as a people. Our new birth into the total light of Divine makes the world recognize us for the first time as a people.

The people of the world realize the importance of the Nation of Islam and they are now looking to us for direction. Already there are nations across the ocean who are studying us. They have their eyes and their minds on us so that they can gain directions for themselves from our new life.
The Bilalian man of America has not really come into his own completely. He is still partly asleep, just gradually beginning to wake up out of slumber. If life can be brought into a man that was once dead, those observing him will declare this to be a great work. It is a miraculous happening because they know that yesterday he was dead.

If that man gets up and moves around a little bit, they marvel at him even though he still hasn't recognized what is happening around him. Such is the case with the Bilalian man and woman in America today. We have been blessed to come from one death into a second stage of resurrection that has brought us into another world of life.
The people of the world are expecting much from us because they see us now just coming into our Divine role. They know that our light is just dawning on the globe and that, pretty soon, it will rise to light the world.

Remember: the Holy Qur'an says that Jesus spoke while he was yet in the cradle. Jesus was a sign of something that was to come. The second Jesus is really you and me, not a flesh and blood individual. The second Jesus is a flesh and blood community of people that live as one body, or a community with one head. It is a people who were slain socially, economically, spiritually, politically, morally, and mentally, but who rose from the grave to become the light of the world because of Divine Power.

The story of Jesus is the story of our people today. Our feet have been painfully nailed to the cross: we haven't been free to move about for ourselves. Our hands have been mercilessly nailed to the cross: we haven't been free to work for ourselves. Our heart is dead. It has been savagely pierced and its life blood has run out. We have not had love and feelings for each other. The love in our heart has been poured out to the world, but it has not benefited us.

Not only were our hands and feet brutally nailed to the cross, but our mind could not function for our body because a crown of thorns was thrust into the flesh of our head. The thorns that were thrust into our head were the thorns of black inferiority, political slavery, financial slavery, and all the other forms of cruel slavery that our poor people have experienced in this part of the world.
These various forms of slavery coupled with the false beliefs and teachings that were given to us pressed upon our minds as thorns. They dug deeply into the sensitive skin and into the vital nerves of the head.

We  have  been  a people,  like Jesus,  on  a cross with feet nailed, hands nailed, heart speared, and brain aggravated by thorns. When you think of our own crucifixion and our own suffering as a people, you see a far greater picture of suffering than Jesus or any man could experience on a physical cross.

Jesus, the crucified saviour in the scripture, arose from the dead not just for his own salvation, but for the salvation of the whole world. Our divine mission is to light the world and to deliver it from darkness, backwardness, and human poverty.
If there are any people on earth qualified by time, experiences, and history to speak to the world as an emancipator, it is the Bilalian man and woman of America.
No other people in the history of people have known the depths of human suffering as we have known. No other people have known what it is to be totally rejected and despised in the world as we have known.

No other people have known what it is to live and to hate your own self as we have known. No other people have known what it is to live every minute of every hour of every day with a corpse and not have the power to give it life or to bury it.
No other people have been as sensitive to human needs as we have been because no other people have known the degree of human poverty and want as we have known.
If there are any people on the face of the earth today qualified to tell the world what human life is all about, it is the Bilalian people of America