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AMJ: Since you made it clear that no Imam represents or speaks for you, there's been some confusion as to whether we should refer only to you as Imam, and that we should leave the masjid or get rid of all Imams and support only the Muslim American Community Assistance Fund and AMMCOP?
- Columbia, S.C.

WDM: They should do just what I do. I speak as an Imam representing this religion and I don't charge any Imam with my defects.

I don't send anybody to any Imam when they have problems with me. They should do the same. They are all Imams — we're all Imams.

The people should know when an Imam is not worthy of the title of Imam. When Muslims who know the teaching of the title of Imam. When Muslims who know the teaching of the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet know that an Imam is not worthy of the title or representing this religion and following Prophet Muhammad (PBUHI, they should bring that to the community's attention themselves.

But there are Imams all over the world — in our community in the United States, in the immigrant Muslim community here and throughout the world - there are millions of Imams and they have the right to be an Imam. They're not supposed to come to me. They don't have to represent me in order to be called an Imam.

In fact, I don't want anybody to become an Imam under such conditions that "I am an Imam only if or as long as 1 represent Imam W. Deen Muhammad." That's not right.

(Next week: Imam Muhammad speaks on the process of recall for an Imam who doesn't live up to the expectations of the membership.)