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Muhammad Speaks - The Muslim Community

Imam W. Deen Muhammad


The Muslim community is called in the Qur'an "The Ummatul Wustah," The "Midway, the Balanced community." It does not give itself to these extremes of coldness and heat. We know that the extremes of that type are the characteristics of Hell. For in the Qur'an Allah says, "And in Hell they will have boiling fluid, that when they drink it, it will dissolve the bowels. And they will be given a cold drink, so cold that it will break up the in-sides." Yes! Just look at the life of America and you will see that.

There are those who are so given to the extremes of the human passion that they become humanist milksops. Humanist milksops. Others become what the Qur'an calls "spendthrifts." They undermine their own community just spending their money freely and crazily without any sense of what is needed tomorrow. Yes. Still others indulge in sex, and that is where they satisfy their spirit. Total indulgence in sex. Their whole mind is nothing but sex. All they live for is just another sexual experience. Extreme of the passions.

There are others who become so frozen that they become monks of another world order. They look like moth and spider webs, bread mold, molded into human shape and dressed up in cloth. They scare the hell out of you when they walk around because they are so out of touch with the warmth of life. They have gotten so cold that they are not in touch with human needs. They do not want any wife; they do not want any children. They don't need to live in a community. They live in a tree, stretched out on a limb, way away from civilization. Yes, we have these extremes.

Believe me, this is the most serious problem for society.