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A Growth Note:

W.D. Muhammad


If you are alive, you are going to do some wrong. The only thing that doesn't go wrong is a dead thing. You come alive to be put in wrong as a test.
Don't fall victim to wrong or adversities and give yourself over to weakness. If you do, you will have failed the test for which you were put in the wrong.
A fighter steps in the ring to fight, not to sit down. Likewise, you come into life to fight. The harder you fight the better fighter you become. The more coward you are, the more you get whipped in the ring.

When you face weakness and opposition, don't go to them with weakness. Come out with courage and face them as a man or a woman. If you do this, you will become stronger and stronger.

The work and mission given to the Body-Christ (the Nation of Islam) by Almighty God requires men and women who can overcome weakness with the strength of Islam.
When we recognize the truth, we will have strength. We do have the strength, because God has conditioned us from generation to generation and from ancient times until now. He had conditioned us and made us strong enough to carry the divine mission of the Body-Christ (the resurrected Jesus).