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W. Deen Mohammed Weekly Articles
Reprinted from the Muslim Journal

May 15 1998

Muslim Journal

Fund-Raiser Program for Muslim Owned Property Chicago Area: Part 2

Imam W. Deen Mohammed Interview by NGina Muhammad

HAZEL CREST, Ill. - On Wed., April 22, 1998, Imam W. Deen Mohammed gave Muslim Journal an exclusive interview regarding the upcoming special event organized by the Ministry of W. Deen Mohammed's Property Committee to establish an Islamic Center in the Chicago, Ill., area.

The Committee is hosting its annual fund-raiser at the Ramada Inn Chicago South, in Harvey, Ill., on May 30 and 31, 1998. Imam Rafah S. Muhammed also participated in this interview.

NM: What is Imam Mohammed's topic for the Saturday evening's address?


RSM: "Individuals Promoting Our Worlds Upon Faith and the Unity of the Human Family."


NM: Should we be expecting any special announcements? That is regarding a projected date for the announcement of the location of the new facilities you have planned: The Masjid, Clara Muhammad School, business offices, etc., and perhaps an approximate time for the ground-breaking?


IWDM: We have identified some sites that we are going to investigate to see just how feasible it is (financially) for us to acquire the sites. One site is in Hazel Crest, Ill., another site is in Country Club Hills, Ill.

Now this sounds like it is far away. But we think it is better to go away from big cities to open land areas, near or in small townships, so that we can have the freedom to grow and have peace and a good environment for our families, our senior citizens. The Country Club Hills location has enough acreage for us and also the location we saw in Hazel Crest has enough acreage for us.

We also have been introduced to a site in Ford Heights, Ill., but I understand that that is a very impoverished community there. And I don't know if that would help the spirit/morale of the community, for us to invest in that very impoverished place. Although it is small enough for it to actually be (almost) completely occupied by us, and we could bring a new image to it. But I don't know if we would want to try to take up the problem of trying to overcome the image it has now.

So, I'm thinking the location of the new facilities will probably be in Hazel Crest, and we are talking about the area of 170th South to 2000 to 4000 West, or somewhere in that southwest suburban area.

It would be close to the Muslim Journal site, the new building that we have purchased. It would be close to interstate connections that would take us north, south, east, west - very excellent interstate connections and close to clusters of very nice reasonable hotels/motels. So we are looking at that area for the new Islamic Center Development.

And, you mentioned also a time schedule; with the new revenue program that we have in place now to bring revenue into the Property Trust Fund, I'm thinking that a maximum of two years will be needed. I'm thinking that within one to two years, I feel pretty assured that we will be able to start building. And I think we might acquire the land site within the next six months. We will further elaborate on the land sites and the time table for beginning the actual construction on the land at the May 30th event.

And by the way, this time is very important too. The calendar date that has been chosen is very important for us. If we notice, the conventions are always held Labor Day weekend, so that the believers are already off work and don't have to go to extra expenses, losing time off their job, paying someone to take care of their children, etc... It's the Labor Day weekend and a lot of us still drive, or we take the bus or the train, and this permits the families to bring their children and we can have that good attendance.

The events scheduled here in Chicago have also been scheduled with that in mind, to have financial and social benefit. Where we can bring more members of the family, without having to go to very great expenses in order to do it.

On the Fourth of July, we have another event, and I don't know whether it is premature for me to mention this, Bro. Rafah?


RSM: No sir, it is right on time.


IWDM: We are planning another event on the same site as the Memorial Day event, the Ramada Inn in Harvey. Actually, the Fourth of July is coming on the weekend this year, and so that Monday will be the official holiday also. There will be a big exciting weekend for us there. There will be smoke in the air from the barbecue, but we can't tell you any more about the details of that event.


NM: Can you tell me if the proceeds of the July 4th weekend event is for the W. D. M. Ministry Property Trust Account also?


IWDM:   Yes, of course.


NM: (The following question was directed to Ijlal Munir for BYBC via telephone on April 23, 1998.) The Buy Your Brick Certificate Program is an excellent way to contribute to the Property Fund. Can the certificates be purchased during this weekend? Will there be an effort during the program to obtain contributions?


IWDM: The Brick Certificates can be purchased at the Property Trust Fund-raiser on May 30-31, 1998. We are very excited about the program for that weekend. We are working hard to make sure that the scroll be publicly displayed for historic reasons in the new Islamic facility, when it is built.

Those (persons/organizations) who purchase a bronze, silver, gold and platinum certificates will have their contributions acknowledged with a plaque on the wall of the facility. We are seeking contributions for these areas. Currently, we have one bronze certificate holder, Muslim Journal.

It is an honor and a privilege to build an Islamic Center and Masjid for the pleasure of Allah, where our Imam W. Deen Mohammed will be the Resident Imam.

(Conclusion with Imam Rafah S. Muhammed and Imam W. Deen Mohammed:)

RSM: Note: In the event that a vendor or person who has a product and wants it displayed can't come, if they would please send their product to:
Collective Purchasing
Conference c/o Imam W. Deen Mohammed 929 W.I 71st St. Hazel Crest, IL 60429-1901
The Public Address by Imam Mohammed, which is scheduled for 3 p.m., on Sun., May 31. And the topic is "Faith and Good Works -- A Plan for Strong Families and Strong Communities."

One final comment, to purchase tickets though the mail make checks payable to W. D. M. & Associates Special Events, and mail to:
W. D. M. &ASSOC., Special Events P. O. Box 2622 Harvey, IL 60426

IWDM:   This is the Post Office Box for all events sponsored by W. D. M. & Assoc.. that is W. D. M. Ministry, W. D. M. Ministry Property Trust, W. D. M   Publications, and the C. P. C.  also.   Even though it does not have the W. D. M. language in the name, I am the President and CEO of that company.

Therefore, all the entities that belong to the community or to us separately will be able to have events in that name: W. D. M. Special Events.

NM: Thank you very much for your time. As-Salaamu-Alaikum.