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QUESTION: Are you recognized internationally by the leaders of Eastern countries as being the Mujeddid?
—Ashland, Ky.

IMAM: My concern is not to be recognized as the Mujeddid (reviver of religion). Here in the States, the Muslims who belong to our community refer to me as Mujeddid, and they mean by that that I have revived religious conscience.

There are many, many meanings that are given to the term "Mujeddid.1* Some think of Mujeddid as being a supernatural being. I am no supernatural being.

Understanding the different meanings and connotations of the word, I have discouraged even the use of the word Mujeddid. I would like to be called the Imam.

QUESTION: Would you care to comment on your international recognition?

IMAM: I don't know how it is now, but the last time I was over there I was received like a brother, like a brother who was very much loved by the people overseas - - that was in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, the Emirates, Egypt.
Wherever I have gone I have been received like a brother whom they love very much, and I love them very much.