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W.D. Muhammad


In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful; Peace and Blessings upon His Servant and His Messenger, Muhammad, forever. Amen. There is no god but Allah: Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.

My Dear Brothers and Sisters,
I want to point out a few things in the scripture to show you how you are being robbed of real scriptural teaching. Genesis says, "Let there be light." The church will not tell you that this scripture means, "Let there be knowledge in the heads of the people." They teach you to think that God's first order was that man should strive for spiritualism, when it really means that man should strive for knowledge. The first commandment of God is to let the brain grow in intelligence and to let the head be lit with light. This is the first commandment because if there is no light in the head, what can we expect from the body? The head has to rule over the body.

In the church's history it has persecuted education and educators. This is what brought on the Renaissance in Europe and the movement of the enlightened people against the leadership of the church. We would not have free education in public schools today if there had not been an uprising to overthrow church leadership. This is a clear fact in history that tells us that the church did not obey the first letter of the Bible. The early Christian leaders knew that they were limited in knowledge, so they felt that the only way to keep themselves on the throne of power was to keep knowledge from the majority of the people.


Moses Parts The Sea


21. "And Moses stretched out his hand over the sea; and the Lord caused the sea to go back by a strong east wind all that night, and made the sea dry land and the waters were divided.

22.  And the children of Israel went into the midst of the sea upon the dry ground; and the waters were a wall unto them on their right hand, and on their left."

(- Exodus, 14:21-22-)


Moses, being pursued by Pharaoh's army, struck the water and the Red Sea parted, so the Book says, and Moses and his people walked across on dry land. Has the church told you what this scriptural story means? Brother and sister, you will never convert intelligent people to religion today with unrealistic symbolical stories like that. We do not see any sea parting now, no matter how holy the people are. If these are the kinds of "miracles" that God can perform, I am sure that as long as we have suffered and as much as we cried in the name of Jesus, holding fast to all that we had from the church and the Bible, Almighty God would have opened up some path for us or He would have produced some bridge for us to walk over out of America into a better land.

If He performed that "miracle" for the Hebrews who were in bondage, and that bondage was not as cruel as our bondage, it seems that as hard as our people preached in slavery and as much as we sang praises to God and called on Jesus, He would have produced a "miracle" similar to that one for the Bilalian (black) people of America. The church is satisfied with you keeping your mind on a kindergarten level and feeding you baby language so that they can continue to rule you and give you nothing of what God has promised to you in the Book.


Fairy Tales Or Reality

When iron is heated to a great degree, it gets red in color. Pale people also turn "red" in color when they get angry. So, the ancient people used red to symbolize anger. Water is used to mean people in the Bible. "Red Sea" means angry people. Moses striking the water means that he struck the moral justice of the people. When he appealed to the moral conscience of the angry people, they backed off and let Moses and his people walk through. He did not strike the land, he struck the water, meaning that he appealed to the people who had moral conscience like he and his people had.

When he first did this, Pharaoh's army let Moses' people go. Pharaoh did not like this, so he sent his men out to pursue them. The Book says that when Pharaoh and his men went after them, they were drowned in the water of the Red Sea. This means that the people rebelled against Pharaoh and refused to obey his orders after Moses appealed to their moral conscience. However, if you are still in kindergarten, you may not want to accept this interpretation. You would rather have the painted pictures and the fairy tales than reality.


The Bible's Social Message

The message that I have given you of Moses and Pharaoh is a message that is worthwhile being in a book for grownups. If the message of the story is only that God made the physical sea open up, that is not worthy enough for grownups to want to read. God is saying to you that you should trust the moral conscience that exists in the people. You should appeal to the moral conscience and you will find that the majority of the people are morally persuaded. The Book is telling us that if we cannot get any agreement from our rulers, we should appeal to the moral conscience of the public and we will find that there will be enough support in the people to overthrow wicked rulers. The wicked rulers know this. That is why they deny the man who is right and just the opportunity to speak to the public in the time that they have a critical grip on the masses. They would kill him before they would let him speak to the public. They know that if he gets the opportunity to speak his piece openly and clearly to the public, he would get enough support to overthrow evil and corruption because God has not made the human being corrupt. He has made human beings to move when His spirit touches them. Satan has never had the majority of the people, he has always had the minority.

Your brother, W.D. Muhammad