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The Second Resurrection: Part 3
Deliverance From The Womb

W.D. Muhammad Supreme Minister


The second Attribute mentioned in "The Opening" of the Holy Qur'an is "AI-Rahim." "Al-Rahim" also signifies grace, mercy, and compassion. While grace implies the giving of benefits, compassion implies having sympathy or coming to the aid of something that needs aid.
The root of the word "Rahim" means "wombs of the female." Life begins in the wombs of the female. In the creation of life, the Divine extends compassion and mercy so that Its beings won't suffer. This compassion and mercy is extended before the being even recognizes that there is a need for someone to aid it.

While the being is growing and being fashioned in the womb, it is protected and kept safe in the water of the womb. Even though harsh blows may come against the womb, the water safely absorbs them and maintains a comfortable resting place for the developing life.
The life, while in the womb, has no awareness of its own need for development. It is in a dark, closed cell and is deprived of the freedom to see, to think, or to act. It must be fed by the mother from her lifeblood and oxygen.

If the body could be broken down limb from limb and cell from cell, that still would not equal the pain and terror that would come to the being if its mind could remember the bending, crushing and forging into form it experienced in the darkness of the womb when it was fashioned from a life germ (semen drop) to a complete, whole person.
"Al-Rahim" embodies such compassion, however, the suffering, pain, and terror that the life form undergoes in the cramped confinement of the womb is completely blotted from its memory and it steps boldly out into the new light without any memory of its birth pain. It comes out of the womb naturally prepared to respond to love and to endure suffering.

Whenever the burden gets too great, remember that Divine power can wipe away all discomfort, resurrect you, and make you new again. The Holy Qur'an teaches-us that Allah does not burden us with more than we have the capacity to bear. We burden ourselves by thinking on the pain we are experiencing. This adds more difficulty to the mind and puts the whole mind under the power of the pain.
The power of Divine is the Divine Mind working in the heavens and the earth. It had to bring Itself from a living energy form into an energizing energy form to energize and manifest a material creation. Then upon that energy It energized the world with. It springs up out of the world It created. It makes a womb and then manifests Itself out of that womb.

Do not forget the Power, Mercy, and Compassion of Divine when you are suffering little difficulties in this life. Remember that you can endure them. You have been prepared without your knowledge to endure pain and exercise the patience to wait for results.
In the cells that make up our physical body, there is a reception for suffering and denial. If you allow your mind to take on itself the burden of constantly reviewing your sufferings, it will get weak.
But, if you go on and endure your sufferings, your life form itself will sustain all the blows. Give your mind over to the objective and keep on moving. If you fall out, then fall out moving towards the objective.

Keep your faith in Divine and reflect on your physical condition in the womb of your mother. Know that you went through ordeals with your mind's eye closed to what was going on that were harder to bear than anything you could possibly experience in this life.
Remember: every living thing born from the womb grows to stand over the womb as the preserver, protector, and nourisher of the womb.
The Honorable Master Elijah Muhammad (may the peace and blessings of Allah forever be upon him) taught us not to forget the womb. The Holy Qur'an teaches us to reverence the wombs.

In the two powerful Attributes "Al-Rahman" and "Al-Rahim," Allah reminds us that He is not a male-sex or a female-sex God. He is a Benefactor (a Giver of graces) like the man, the father, and He is also the greatest Bestower of mercy and compassion, like the female, the mother.
When  we  read  the  Bismillah  in  the  Holy Qur'an: "In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful," Allah is telling us to look at Him as the best picture of beneficence, mercy, and compassion. If you can find a better picture of this Attribute than is found in the study of the nature, design, and function of the womb, then produce it.

Allah is not male or female, but He is the Source of excellence of the male and the female and He is the Originator of everything. He is the Divine Mind that nourishes a thing from one state to another out of all crudeness towards a perfect state of being and He is with me as I guide you out of your first womb into the total divine light.