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The Bilalian Relationship

Imam W. D. Muhammad


In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful; Peace and Blessings upon His Servant and His Messenger, Muhammad, forever. Amen. There is no god but Allah: Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.

My Dear Brothers and Sisters,
The Bilalian community of the West is Joseph's beautiful coat of many colors that has finally manifested itself where it should be manifested: in the greatest and most physically, materially and politically powerful land in the history of modern history. But, this land (America) is the most spiritually, morally and humanly inferior land in history. There is no other place more suitable for Almighty God to bring about His great finale (the climax of all of His great and wondrous plans) than this land, which seems absolutely God -less.

The strongest foundation for human society is the foundation that has the greatest reality in it. The weaker the reality of your foundation, the weaker your foundation is. If you build your foundation out of falsehood and lies, then you have a foundation that is doomed. Some people are greater at putting lies and falsehood together than others. They can make strong houses (societies) with falsehood that last a long time, but the longest time that any house of falsehood can last is six periods of time. When the seventh period comes around, the house must fall. Today, brothers and sisters, we are in the seventh period of time and all falsehood must crumble.


1. A. L. M.

2. Do men think that
They will be left alone
On saying, “We believe”.
And that they will not
Be tested?

3. We did test those
Before them, and God will
Certainly know those who are
True from those who are false.

4. Do those who practice
Evil think that they
Will get the better of us?
Evil is their judgment!

5. For those whose hopes are
in the meeting with God
(In the Hereafter, let them strive);
For the term (appointed)
By God is surely coming:
And He hears and knows
(All things).

6. And if any strive (with might
And main), they do so
For their own souls:
For God is free of all
Needs from all creation.

Holy Quran, Yusuf Ali Translation: Sura XXIX Verses 1 -16


The Spider's Web     

In speaking of the strength of the rejecters of truth and reality, the Holy Quran says that their house is like the house of a spider and that his house is the most flimsiest of all houses. The spider depends upon tricks to survive. He weaves a fancy looking net or web that looks very peaceful and harmless because it is so frail. The web is left unattended so that dust will accumulate in it and so that you might think that there is nothing alive in it. It is made only for light -weight creatures. The spider cannot catch any heavy-weight creatures in his net. This is the same way that this wicked world of lies and falsehood is constructed. The people of this grafted, unnatural world weave a mighty net for weaklings. But, because this is the time of  "7" and not the time of "6", we are living in the day of the real "man" now. This grafted, unnatural world has been making nets for grafted men (artificial men) who are like lightweight insects with only 6 arms to work with. But, today, we have all of the arms of all of the creatures in creation combined because all creatures living on the face of the earth or in the waters of the sea serve Allah as their Master. If we are in accord with Almighty Allah, He gives us all of His creatures as servants in our service.


Joseph's Coat

The Bilalian community of the West is blessed by Allah with the knowledge of divine truth that can lead the entire world to peace and accord with the Creator. We are a people who, like Joseph's coat of many colors, represents all of the people of the world. The Bible story of Joseph's coat (Genesis 37th Chapter) says that the coat was desired by all of Joseph's elder brothers, but Joseph's father chose to give the coat to Joseph, who was the youngest of the brothers. We as a people in America are the youngest of all people on the earth. We have been called "Negroes" and other names, but we now have a new name, "Bilalians," which fits us much better. It is just now that we are beginning to recognize ourselves and we are getting the world to recognize us as a separate and unique ethnic people.

Ethnic means that we have our own history as a people. It is said that we began our history in so -called Africa, but we did not begin there. Our history as a people began when Islam came to us and gave us life because we had been reduced to nothing. The Bilalian people of the West represent all of the people on the face of the earth in our physical features and in our complexions.


Divine Consciousness

Brothers and Sisters, your closest relative on the face of the earth is the one who has accepted the teachings of Islam. Our divine mission from Almighty God is bigger than physical blood ties and individual families. In this mission, we can see a growing relationship among us that gets bigger and bigger with time. Now it has become so big that I think it is the most precious thing on earth. We are related first because we are of the same creation. We are related again because we are of the same life family (we all are human beings). We are related again because we are of the same physical skin "color," or ethnic family or race. Again, we are related because we share the same history. In recent years, we came out of that common relationship into a "black consciousness." Now, today, we are here with a new consciousness that is not a black consciousness or a white consciousness but a divine consciousness. Look at how many times we have been "married" or tied together as relatives. We cannot find anybody outside of the circle of Islam that is as close to us as relatives as we are to each other and we do not want to take this relationship lightly.


The Strength Of The Family

Great nations have come up on the earth with just one of these relationships working in their favor. There are nations that pulled together simply because they were of the same physical body, flesh and blood. Some nations have pulled together because they have shared the same history of torture or because they shared the fear of a common enemy. They pulled together so that they could overcome that common enemy. Nations have been pulled together simply because they came into a spiritual awakening. Now, here we are as Bilalian people of the West having all of these ties in our relationship. Almighty God has tied us together more times than He has tied any people in the history of the world, therefore we should be the strongest family on earth.

This society knows that a people who have weak families have no strength in the world. Its people can do anything to your community because they know that you do not have any real strength.

You should make a commitment to be more loving and more honest with each other in the home. You should learn to love each other, not for your own sake, but for Allah's sake. If we start doing things for Allah's sake, there will be more love in the family and more justice in all human treatment.

The Lost - Found Nation of Islam is not looking for an ideology or a philosophy to solve the problems of the Bilalian community and the world - we have the solution. Our number one idea is the truth and the reality of Almighty Allah, the One God Who made the heavens and the earth. Our second idea is the revelation that Allah has the power to reach His servants with divine guidance in the way of divine books or revelations.

Our "ideology" is Islam as it is spelled out in the Holy Quran and our "philosophy" is freedom, justice, equality: Islam.

Your brother, W. D. Muhammad