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Muhammad Is The Leader For The Community

Imam W. Deen Muhammad


Don't make one of us the leader for the community. We already have a leader for the community. Muhammad, the Prophet, is the leader for the community, for his Sunnah is the pattern for our community life. He's gone, but his Sunnah he left us with. We follow his Sunnah. Not my sunnah, I don't have any sunnah.

Whatever sunnah that I have it disappears in the Sunnah of the Prophet (PBUH). Yes! Because all that I am doing is trying to follow his Sunnah. So if I have a sunnah — and what I mean by that is if I have established something that is identifiable with me as leadership excellence — whatever I have established, I have only done it trying to follow to the best of my ability ... the leadership of Muhammad, Peace and Blessing be Upon Him.

So whatever I have done, if you really understand what I represent, what I am indeed, what I am truly, then you will see what I have done is just try to live out my obligation as a follower of the Prophet. I have no sunnah except in the Sunnah of the Prophet. And in his Sunnah, all of our sunnahs disappear and become the Sunnah of the Prophet because that is what we are aiming for, the Sunnah of the Prophet. Praise be to Allah!