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The Second Resurrection: Part 2
Baptism With The Water Of Revelation

W.D. Muhammad Supreme Minister


I am baptizing you with the water that God has given to me. It is the water of revelation, of divine knowledge.
No matter how stony-hearted you may be towards us, under this baptism you will burst open and a testimony will spring up out of your mouth as water bursting up out of a stone.
You will bear witness, "Yes, Allah is God and Muhammad is His Messenger."
This is possible because you are not a devil. You still have something in you of the Original. You can be risen from the grave because you were not destroyed, only made dead.

But the Book says that the dead must rise. We in the Nation of Islam bear witness that it is true because we are the fruits that have sprung up from a live tree. We know that we were once dead and that we were not a people. Bilalians were dead in the grave of the Bible.
But God's truth coming from the lips of the Honorable Master Elijah Muhammad entered into our stony hearts and raised us up from nothing upon the surface of the earth.
The world now sees that we are a people.

I want you to clearly understand the reason for God's work in the first place and why He, Himself, had to do the work:
That which is from the beginning (eternity) did not have a need for anything. Only that which comes from the Original has a need for something because it has been separated from its origin.
Only that which has been sent out from God and has lost its connection with God, feels need.
That which is still connected with God feels no need because God serves all needs and has no needs Himself. The physical sun is an example.

It gives its rays of energy to the earth. The earth receives that portion that it was separated from and is enabled to manifest its full power to grow life (vegetation, animals, and human beings.)
Without the sun the earth cannot grow life. Without God we cannot grow divine life on this earth. But if we are brought back in contact with the Origin (the Divine Being) and His rays shine upon our world that has been dashed away and cut off from Him, we will come back to life.

We will get that which was taken away from us in the separation (a period of time of drying and decaying away from our source). When we get that which was taken away from us, we will begin to grow divinely in the earth. This is that time.
We will make ourselves whole again.
Our teachings say that God created His works to manifest Himself as God. He was God, always has been and always will be. He is a God that hid Himself to let a particular work be done by a challenger. In the battle between the righteous force and the wicked force, His true image will come out stronger and clearer before His creation so that He will have a witness for Himself.

He will have a reception for His mercy, His charity, and His generosity.
The God was not a selfish God. He did not want to exist alone. He wanted to make that which could witness His mercy, His charity, and His generosity.
So, by the power of His will, He willed from Himself that which would take form (make creation) from Creator. It was "creation" because it was of and separated from "Creator."
Since nothing but His own will formed to make the creation, creation is nothing but the will of God in the form we call "creation."

That Will, being separated from Creator, submits to the laws of creation. We obey gravity and we obey the laws that control the cycle of life.
We come into life from lifeless matter of earth and we must obey the law of that lifeless matter we call earth. At one time or another, we return to lifeless matter.
Then lifeless matter receives life again, grows out of a decayed form into a new form, and comes up again from lifeless matter to life: Qur'an.

The Will of God in the form and nature of creation springs up out of the physical earth into plant life, manifests Itself into animal life, and manifests Itself on into what we call human life. This is the power for divine manifestation bursting the earth, coming forth.
It first bursts the earth as nothing but a mineral manifestation, then into a plant manifestation, then into an animal manifestation, then into a human manifestation, then on into a divine manifestation. This is God manifesting His creation (His Will) out from Himself. He created the world so that that which He willed into being could come into the knowledge of Himself.

He began to desire and His Will went forth from His own Will and manifested worlds. Then He called them back to Himself so that they could be rewarded with the greatest of all rewards.
We know that bodies thrown out into the heavens are caught by the gravity of a larger body. The gravitational pull of the larger body causes them to bend their path. Since they can't escape the pull of the larger body, they begin to bend and come back to the pull of that body. In bending, they form a circle around the body.

God formed creation and worlds, but these worlds could not escape the pull of God.
The whole creation rotates in the gravity of Almighty God. It cannot escape Him.
But the Bilalian man and the Bilalian woman of America thought that we had escaped because in our minds we could not see the reality of the Originator.
Brother and Sister, you don't yet know the reality of God. But if you have patience and accept what I teach you of God, you will come into the reality of God. Then you will truly be a superior people in the earth.
When we come into the knowledge that God is in us and when we accept Him in us, we can't help but be the rulers of the earth.

His purpose in creating the world was to make something that would benefit from His existence. The only way He could do that was by doing it by Himself and of Himself.
We are not independent and we are not our own bosses. You may think you are bossing yourself, but there is a Mind superior to you that is bossing you without your knowledge.
God has created everything as a witness bearer that He exists and that He is God and is in control at all times.
Though the world becomes filled with solid darkness and we can't see his presence, He is still present and ruling at all times.

Brother and Sister, if we are not ready to stand up and be representatives in the earth for Almighty God, then the earth will never produce a people or a community fit to show the power and glory of God to the whole of humanity.
If we are not that people and if we are not ready, it will never come. We know that God will not fail. We see His manifestation very plainly and we see His works very clearly.
You have a great, divine mission. If you can't understand and accept that Almighty God (the Originator and Creator from beginning to end Who has no beginning) has a mission for you in the earth, then keep following me because you must come into the knowledge of your great mission.
God is with me.