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A Challenge To The Bilalian Community

Imam W.D. Muhammad


In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful; Peace and Blessings upon His servant and His Messenger, Muhammad, forever. Amen.

My dear brothers and sisters,
A question heard very frequently in Bilalian (Black) communities is the question: “How can we save ourselves?” The only way to save ourselves, brothers and sisters is by turning back to Almighty God, Allah, and by admitting that we are not “know-it-all” creatures. As babies, we come here more helpless than the horse that is born from its mother. We are weak and we have to struggle and depend upon something else to take care of us for months and for years. If we do not get help, we will surely sink. A baby is born from its mother and its father and it cannot do anything but lie around and cry for its mother or someone else to put a bottle in its mouth or to change its diaper. For about two years, the baby depends completely upon someone else to bring its water, milk, and food. Someone else must remove the filth from him. Then he grows up as a child and he still has to depend upon someone else to protect him for a number of years. He has to be taught many things by other people. But when he gets grown, he begins to walk around like he came here all by himself. Just a few short seasons ago, if someone had walked away from him, he would have died. But now, all of a sudden, he is a “know-it-all.”


A Destructive Attitude

He did not know anything when he came into this life – his mind was completely blank. He had to be given a name and then taught his name. He had to be given time on earth and then taught how to calculate that time. All of a sudden, he does not want anybody to tell him anything. He wants to be his own boss. Brothers and sisters, that kind of attitude is what destroys us and robs us of the opportunity to grown as human beings. This is why so many men and women come up in the world, and when their parents finish raising them, that is the end of their growth. They do not grow anymore as a mental, a moral, or a spiritual being. In fact, some of them start going backwards. When some people get 18 or 20 years old, they go out on their own and think that they know it all. Nobody can tell them anything and they do not grow anymore. If you see them five or ten years later, you will see that they have not learned a thing.


Growth Of The Community Of One

When a man grown up and gets the desire for a woman, he marries the woman and has children. If he does not grow up himself, as his community grows, he is going to be a failure. If he grows as a community to become two (man and wife), but his mind-growth stops back when he was a single teenager, he is going to be a failure as a man and wife community. The community of two is going to fail because it is still operating as though it is a community of one. When the man and the woman have children, if they fail to grow into another dimension and if they continue to operate like boyfriend and girlfriend, they are going to fail as a family. These are things that are dictated in nature. Man and woman are brought together because there is a need to build up the human society. They are brought together first by a physical attraction so that the physical bond will obligate them and make them move up a little higher.


The Demand Of Responsibility

When a man falls in love with a woman and begins to need her physical company, he must also grow to accept the extra burden that comes along with her. He then has to go out and struggle to guarantee the survival of himself and the woman he has taken as his wife. In doing this, he is going to become more productive because he now has a greater motivation. Being motivated by nothing but his own appetite, he can only do so much because he only has the desire to do so much. Once he has a wife that he loves as much as he loves himself, he has a stronger motivating power. This motivating power will increase the worth of the man and it will make him a greater producer. When he gets children from the union with his wife, he develops even more motivation. He then has a wife and children that he loves a much as he loves himself. These things are pushing him because he loves them and because he wants to feed them as he wants to feed himself. He is then forced to be even a greater producer of wealth and of the things that society must have. The union of man and woman as husband and wife is moving the man up to be a greater provider. The more the burden of production is on him, the greater the demand becomes for his mind to grow. God forces the man to grow mentally, morally, and spiritually by tying him physically to other flesh that he loves as he loves his own flesh. If a man had nothing to work for but himself, he would stay a small thing in the earth.


The Power Of Motivation

When families grow into tribes, the man who is the head or the leader of the tribe should love the members of the tribe the same way that he loves his own children because he is the “father” of the tribe. If he does that, he will have the motivating power coming to him from hundreds of people instead of just a few people in his immediate family. If the desire is equal for them as it is for himself, he will have the energy to go out and work for hundreds of members just as hart as he worked for one member. This demand of responsibility will force his mind to expand to meet the demand. So, this man is going to become wiser, more productive, and more skilled. He can grow up and become the father of many tribes, or maybe he can become like Abraham who was given the title of “father of many nations.” If he grows up to that level, then the man is rewarded greatly because he now has many thousands of people in the community motivating him, moving him, and pushing  him to serve them. But he cannot grow to his great height unless he loves them. If he loves them as he loves himself, he will be able to serve nations just like he was able to serve his own family.


Our Lost Knowledge Of Society

The Bilalians of the West, as a people have lost contact with the true nature of society. We do not know how society grows and we do not know what it means to be a family anymore. We do not know how much the individual person is rewarded by accepting a wife, by accepting to have children, and by accepting to serve a community of hundreds or thousands of people. We have lost contact with that relationship and we have become so selfish that we cannot see anybody but ourselves and we cannot work for anybody but ourselves. With that kind of small mind, we cannot produce enough to last any longer than we ourselves last. When we die, our work dies and the new generation inherits nothing from us. This is the pitiful state of a whole world of Bilalians numbering over 30 million in North America alone. We are in a state where we have to gamble with time: we hope that next year we will have a job and we hope that our children will have a future. We have not yet gotten in the position to tell our children to inherit our kingdom, to inherit our wealth, or to prepare themselves to take over our business. It is a shame that as a family, we do not have any businesses. What do we have that we can say that the next generation of our children will inherit? We do not know what they are going to inherit and we cannot guarantee them anything because we have become too selfish to work as a family anymore.


The Natural Mind Of People

We do not live as a family, nor do we think as a family anymore. We think as individuals. Each one of us is struggling to get a car, but how many of us are struggling to put money in banks, struggling to get some real estate, or some capital, or struggling to build some institutions? When we die, we should want a guarantee that the next generation will not have to die in the pitiful condition that we die in, but that they can live much better. We have not done this work yet, but that is what we have to do as a community. In order to get respect in the world, we are going to have to work for the future of our own people. That is what the Lost-Found Nation of Islam is all about. It is established to train us again to think like a community, to feel that we are responsible for each other, and to work for our children like we work for ourselves, because they are ourselves. You can live forever if you guarantee your children a future, but if you do not guarantee them a future, you will be gone. We should struggle hard, keep Allah before us, and come back into the natural order (natural mind) of people. We have to get out of the crazy mind that this world of grafted, unnatural mentality has given to us. It gives us the mind that makes us think that we do not need each other and that every man and every woman is an individual. That is the kind of ignorant thinking that they feed the masses of the people, but they teach their own class of people that they are not individuals, but they should live together and die together.


The Power Of The Community

They teach you that every man is an individual, that you are independent of other people, that you have your own rights, and that you do not need a leader. They do not want you to have a leader brothers and sisters. They know that if you have a leader, you will step up out of the disconcerted class into their organized class. They know that once you get a leader, you will be competition for them. As long as you are leaderless, each one is going for himself. You are not a physical army, a moral army, a business army or an educational army. You are completely disunited. You have no educational power, no financial poser, nor any political power. In order to have political power, you have to have power as a community. You can vote, but as long as you do not have a community, your vote does not mean much. People do not respect your vote because they know that if they want them, they can get them. Since you have nothing to bargain with but a vote, the politician goes to the people who has something to bargain with and they bargain with them for you. Then they come back and tell you how to vote. Unless you have something of value, you cannot get anything of value.


Bilalian Are “Un-American”

We should stay together as a people and work together for each other like other so-called ethnic groups have done. America was a country designed to give people of different ethnic origins or backgrounds the opportunity to work in separate communities or groups. When people come here looking for freedom, they come knowing that although the opportunity is here, this is a highly competitive society. They know that the only way to survive is by working together as a family. As long as we have a country made up of people that work together as groups and that look out for each other, we are going to have to do the same thing. We are going to have to work together and look out for each other. If America was one big community and if there were no organized groups competing with each other, we would only have to have one leadership and that would be a political leadership. You would only need a President, governors, mayors and the other governmental officials. Because America is not made up like that, we need organization for ourselves. We are “un-American” when we live like Bilalians are now living in America. People who are not working together and who are not organizing are “un-American.” The American way is for people who are put together to work together for each other. All other people follow this way except us.


The Struggle For Organization

There are some Caucasians who do not have to organize very much. If they organize just as a community or just as a business group, they can become successful overnight because they already have power in the land. Their people are everywhere in the country and they are already in power. Organization has already been done for them because their parents have been organizing over a period of centuries. They can go right out into the community and get the benefits of their social organization that has been established over generations. Late-comers in the society have to struggle for organization. Bilalian people in the West were the last people on earth to wake up, so we have to struggle the hardest. Brothers and sisters, you cannot make it alone. It is impossible. As long as we stay separate as a people, we will always be a community depending upon Caucasians or other people for out future. If we come together as a community, we can come out of this pitiful condition overnight. It will not take long to get hospitals, banks, schools and businesses if we work together. There is more in the favor of the Bilalian community today than there is for any other people. All of the other people of the world have seen their best time. Now they know that the clock is ticking out and that they have to change their way of living. The world just will not tolerate the way that they have lived in the past, and it will take them some time to readjust. Many of them cannot even accept the reality of this shift in power, so they are going to die a slow death.


We Are A “Starved” People

Our community is a community of “starved” people. A hungry man has a strong motivation and he will work because he knows that he has to work. We have the desire to do, and we are newcomers. We have the natural energies in us to go into the world and make it all over again. Those people who have been working for hundreds of years and who have messed up the world do not have the desire to start all over. Now, they have to be given the desire to start all over. While they are trying to get the desire and a new plan to start living all over again, we will be far down the road to success. We can get so far ahead until nobody will be able to send us back to the plantations again, but we have to move. We have to take advantage of the great opportunity that faces us. We have the sympathy of the whole word on our side and conditions in the West favor us. Nobody is going  to hold you back and nobody will tell you that you cannot do this or that you cannot do that. Allah has worked things in our favor. All the power in the world will come against people if they speak against us in our righteous endeavors. The way is open. The sympathy of the word is on our side and the door is wide open. All we have to do is come together as a people and march straight through.


Be Good Family People

Brothers and sister, hold on to the great truth that we have been blessed to receive from God because this truth will pull us together and it is strong enough to pull others together with us. We have the opportunity to be the moral leaders of the world tomorrow if that is the kind of aspiration that we have. But first it is my desire to see us just become good house-keepers, good parents, good husbands and wives, good fathers and mothers, and good providers. I would like to see us do things the way that the Holy Quran says that all parents are obligated to do them; clothe your children, feed your children, and give them an education. If we just become good family people who work for food, clothing, and shelter, and who work to see our people get a good education, I’ll be a happy man. I want to see my own people stop acting like single people when they are married and stop acting like childish parents when they have millions of children all over the world. We have to start acting like grown-up husbands, wives and housekeepers.


Precious Tools

The Lost-Found Nation of Islam in the West is going to change this picture. We are going to make the world see us and respect us. We have the power to do it. We have Allah, Islam, our identity, and we even know how to create ourselves after the world has destroyed us. We have the power to put ourselves back together with our own hands. Let us carry this truth like the pioneers carried their tools. They did not all have fine clothes at that time and many of them walked in rags. But they carried their tools proudly. So until we get the fine clothes, let us carry the tools that are the most precious things in creation for us: Allah, Islam, and our new world. I challenge you brother and sister to cut our the wilderness and make civilization for the Bilalian people of the world.

Your brother,
W.D. Muhammad