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W. Deen Mohammed Weekly Articles
Reprinted from the Muslim Journal

March 31 1995

Muslim Journal

Imam W. Deen Mohammed's Statement from U.S. Grassroots to World Conference on Religion and Peace

Copenhagen, Denmark March 7, 1995

We welcome that the great world religions are beginning to recognize a role for the grassroots in the labor of social development. If mother earth would speak, she would insist that all her children receive the same accommodation at her table of inherent shares, quality freedom, community entitlement and the invitation to honorable standing in this world and in the latter.

The grassroots want to be with a new order supporting humanity's calling and opposing whatever works to entomb its fertile souls.

The grassroots want to get in the record for supporting created inherent personality and man's? humanity-rooted identity.

We want to be functional in a new order supporting the liberation of inherent aim and its expressions in the context of our social development.

The grassroots want fulfillment of soul and its spiritual life, so as to no longer languish out of doors far from man's home of social establishment. We want our soul, social, economic, academic, and political articulation and community construction.

The grassroots are sensing some needs of the new order and starting to read for ourselves today's message of urgency conveyed upon global economic and social trends.

What is being dictated on the major scale, we arc trying to understand and apply in order to have a leading role in a new ordering of the grassroot community. We accept and welcome global community demands on the United States' poor for more responsibility to be accepted into the hands of the poor for the care of our life and for the building and protection of our future.

The ongoing social task of investing huge sums of wealth in the promise of a more caring, more humane world (that it may be inherited by our future generations) will be lighter because of grassroot plans to have productive disciplines order our lifestyles and fate.

Our studies indicate (also) that U.S. social programs have not only been productive but also alarmingly wasteful.

With a turn in the way we live and with more responsibility for our own lives in our hands, those of great means should be prepared to cut away the fat without reducing their in vestments in self-help programs which serve to contribute to less fragile and more stable communities of the poor.

We would urge the cutting of waste but more investment from those of greater means to help the conscious poor defeat the Goliath of ignorance, excessive fun-spending, idleness and crime.

We ask for more investing, more quality education and more social construction in all poorly equipped and suffering areas of the world.