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Reprinted from the Muslim Journal


The Muslim Journal

Imam W. Deen Mohammed's Remarks at Nation of Islam Celebration of Saviour’s Day 2000, February 27

Praises be to G-d, the Lord and Creator of the worlds. We witness that He is One and He cares about all of His creation, especially His human creation. And we witness that the best of the human creation is the Last Prophet Muhammed. And that traditional salute to the Last Prophet, the Seal of the Prophets. Ameen.

Let me say that this is truly a sign that G-d has always been with the sincere ones, those who kept faith. I would like to greet with brotherly greetings the dignitaries from the Islamic world, the many countries that are represented here today by the learned teachers and scholars in Islam.

And let me also give my special greetings of peace and love and undying friendship to Min. Louis Farrakhan.

Muslims are one community. G-d says: "This is your community, one united community and I am your Lord. Therefore, worship only Me." That's the Qur'an. That "you are the best of communities brought out of darkness, evolved for all people."

G-d says of Muhammed the Last of the Prophets, peace be upon him, that he is a mercy for all the worlds. And I say to Muslims wherever I speak, that we have to remember that G-d said of our leader Muhammed the Prophet, the Messenger of G-d, that he is a mercy to all the worlds.

If our leader is a mercy to all the worlds, then we must care about all the worlds and also follow him with that mercy to all the worlds and extend it to all the worlds.

We are a human family, as has been said already. And the human family must be one family, as it was in the beginning.

G-d says that He created one soul, one nafs, one soul and made of it male and female, our original parents - the parents of all people, of all nations, of all races. He caused to be spread from those two many men and women all over the world.

G-d has made us to know in Judaism, in Christianity and in Islam that the human family is one human family, and we will return to Him one day in unity all together.

So let us work as Muslims to serve the Will of G-d for the benefit of all people on this earth. And let the African American, who has suffered a very peculiar experience, a very strange experience -slavery, discrimination, charged with not being a full human being - know that we have survived all of that to be here today.

I see in the Muslims a determination to live the best of our life, to respond to the best of our motivations and aspirations and to continue to improve upon our people as a race.

I don't think that it is without great significance that the Hon. Elijah Muhammad achieved what he achieved in his life and is achieving through us what we are achieving today.

So I invite all of the African American church leaders to look at us. I believe we are a great sign of G-d to all of you.

I will leave with a few words from the Qur'an. G-d says: "Indeed there has come to you from G-d a light and a book, a clear book that guides by G-d's Will whoever seeks His Pleasure to the way, the Path of Peace, to bring them out of the oppressive darkness into the liberating light by His Will, by His Permission. And He guides them to a straight path." (Qur'an 5:15-16)

And G-d speaks the truth. Congratulations and we celebrate with you on this great occasion. As-Salaamu-Alaikum.