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The Life of The Human Family: Part 4

Imam W. Deen Mohammed


(The following address was given by Imam W. Deen Mohammed on Sun., May 28, 2000, at the CPC Memorial Day Weekend Event at Kennedy King College in Chicago, III, For this upcoming Memorial Day Weekend, Imam Mohammed has advised that we Muslims consider feeding the poor through fulfilling any obligations on us who may not have been able to successfully complete their Ramadan fast, for whatever reason - be it due to ill health or other reasons.

The Qur’an allows the Muslim who cannot keep the fast to feed 60 people as compensation for the uncompleted month of fasting. As we now read the address given by Imam Mohammed during the last Memorial Day Weekend event, may we as Muslims begin now to plan to feed 60 people and make that compensation to do so via ComTrust, do Imam W. Deen Mohammed.

To pledge your support to feed the homeless and hungry, call ComTrust.)

When you look at the Qur'an to see the beginning of man, you are told the story that is in the Bible's Genesis but with a different narration. It is a new narration telling us the same story of how man did not exist, and the Creator of everything - of the stars, moon and everything up there and down here, the earth, the land, the rivers, the oceans, the trees, the grass, the animals, the wind and weather -then He created a man, a human being for the first time.

G-d wants us to be educated, to be informed, to be taught the knowledge of our own life, the real life, the life of every human being, the life of humanity - not the life of a people in a particular color or the life of a nation in a particular political order. G-d wants us to know the life of the human being, and so He tells us the story of the beginning of things, the beginning of creation.

G-d gives us a picture that he is drawing. G-d is painting a picture with words and is making a big screen before our eyes with beautiful things, with men and challenges for the men, to get us to see the life that He wants us in.


The Man That G-D Created

Allah says in the Qur'an that man had not been created yet and He introduced to the Angels the man that He was set out to create. And He said to the Angels: "I am making (forming) in the earth a khalifah." And the Angels got disturbed, because khalifah meant to them something that they were not able to be comfortable with.

The Angels told G-d: This will cause disturbances on the earth and bloodshed. So G-d responded to them with the words: "When I have given to him of My Own Spirit, then you make submission to him; you accept him; you yield to him; you bow yourselves down to him."

This is no ordinary creation, for G-d is talking about the beginning of human life. G-d is talking about how He began the human creation. G-d is talking about me. Understand that Islamic logic is the logic that does not abort itself. It keeps the life until the life is delivered, Some of you stop too soon. You say, "Oh, that is the story of how G-d created the first person."

That is not only the story of how G-d created the first person, that is the story of how G-d created every person. That is the story of how G-d created Wallace D. Mohammed. If I follow the logic of that being my first father, then where is my first father now? You'll say, "Oh, he died a long time ago?" But I thought he had a wife and children, and I thought I was one of his children.

I know some of Elijah Muhammad is in me, and I know some of Clara Muhammad, my mother, is in me. So if he (Adam) were my father -  carrying the logic all the way home, delivering it and not letting it become aborted -  I come to this conclusion: The first man is in me. He has to be in me, and there is no other way except that he is in me. I am his descendant.

"Oh, but it has been so long!" That does not matter. If he is not in me, then I am not a human anymore, because his beginning is the beginning of human life, If there is still human life on this earth, then he is still on this earth in his many children. The Bible tells you that and the Qur'an tells you that. That this man is not just one person, but this man is one type for many who came after him.


Clarity On Our Own Creation

Glorify G-d. Praise be to Allah. If we drive this home clearly or if you get the picture clearly, then you all are as successfully established in your life as I am. This is what establishes us in our life, this clarity on what we are, why we are created, why we are here on this earth, where we are to take this life, what is our freedom and how much can we do with our human possibilities.

Once we have that knowledge, we are established in our human life and no one can deny us success. There are certain people in this world who are going to be successful. Everyone is waiting for the United States to fail. This government has angels protecting it; this government has saints and holy people protecting it. They are not there directly all of the time. Most of them don't do their protecting directly; they protect out of sight. They are not looking to be recognized.

There are holy saintly people with knowledge from G-d protecting the good achievements of the United States and its purpose as a nation. So don't look for this Nation to die, not now.

As long as it is responding to G-d, as long as it is trying to better its human life and get hi position to get more of the real human life and to make possibilities better for others to also have the real human life, as long as this Nation is positioned that way, don't you expect anything except more progress for the United States of America.

That is what I want you to come into. You all who are with me, come into this knowledge, come into this position. And once you come into it, nothing will cause your death or cause you to fail but your own suicidal spirit or behavior. If you want to kill yourself, then you can do it. But that is the only way, you will have to kill your own self. I am giving you the plain truth.


Prophet Muhammed In Arabia

Now, here is Muhammed the Prophet, the prayers and peace be upon him, uneducated. All of his people were not educated in scripture and didn't know what the Bible was about. They couldn't argue points of logic in scripture, in the Bible, in Judaism or in Christianity. They were called unenlightened people, and that is what they were. In the Arabic language, that period is called Jahiliyyah, which means uninformed, unenlightened.

They did not have light on this life that G-d created for human beings. And because they did not have that light, they were out of that form. They were idol worshippers. They were bands, tribes going about in bands with their chiefs and each following his chief, claiming their territory. They were making members of their own race who were not under their chief to pay a price for crossing the border into their territory. "You have to go across my territory to Syria, well you have to pay us so much."

They would fight each other and kill each other over that. If they did not pay, then they would have to pay the price of being killed. They could not organize themselves to have one political order or idea for all of them, and they all were of one geography -one peninsula called Arabia. But they could not have a sense of unity for themselves nor a sense of order for themselves.

Therefore, their life was one of rivalry, fighting and competing with each other in animosity - not with love. Then Islam came. The revelation came. And the light came on the life that G-d created them for.