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W. Deen Mohammed Weekly Articles
Reprinted from the Muslim Journal


March 22 1991

Muslim Journal

"ISLAM": The Promotion of Business & Race; How the Conflict is Resolved: Part 7

Imam W. Deen Mohammed

Allah Most Merciful says, "Let there rise up a group that will not fear the accusations of the accusers." Such groups will not be intimidated by this world's invitation to vanity and ruin. When they ask you. "Are you a Muslim :''' You are to say. '' Yes.'' Don't hesitate! Your response should be, "Yes, praise be to Allah. Yes, thank God for His Mercy." If they ask, "Who is your leader?" You should tell them, "Muhammedan rasullallah, sal-allahu alaihi wa salam. I must translate that for you, for you don't speak Arabic. Our Leader is 'Muhammed the Messenger of God, the prayer and the peace of God be upon him.'" If you are asked, "Where is your organization?" Answer them, "We do not have any organization. My family is my organization. But if you are asking what body I belong to, I belong to the international body of Muslims, the Ummah. We number one billion."

When I talk like that, something in here (inside me) rejoices and says, "That is what I like." This religion is called "Deen Al Fitrah". (Quran) It is the religion serving the best evolution in man since man's creation began. It is the pattern that is universal throughout God's creation. We don't have to bump our heads anymore against universal truths. Being a Muslim, following the Qur'an and following the success pattern of Muhammed the Prophet, we end the trial and error syndrome. Muslims don't need a mediator. We don't need an arbitrator. That is done away with in "Islam".

Our spirit is reconciled with Tauheed', one creation, one God over it. So the question is asked. "What do I own?" We own nothing. That is what you business people should have as an attitude in obedience to Allah, the True Owner. (Quran) The philosophy and psychology for saving the person who is indulging material interest is Tauheed. If you keep that philosophy, it will be a strong factor for saving your human life, your senses. We are not mystics, but we accept that we own nothing. We are going to die and will leave all we have to other authorities. We do not know what will happen when we are gone. What we "own" might end up with someone we hate. That's why legal documents (wills) are so important. Allah has approved legitimate business and has outlawed ribah. "Ribah" is exorbitant interest or lenders' price for money borrowed. Ribah is the evil of greed in business, banking, pawn shops. Ribah is interest multiplied. "Ribah" is described in the Qur'an. The English word in most translations is usury. It means asking for more than the value or requiring more than the justified due to you. Immoral unfair profit is forbidden for Muslims.

I believe with all my heart that a new business people will grow up from among us. These business people will win the respect and admiration of people rich and poor in our American society. The biggest population of Muslims is in Indonesia. Indonesia was brought to this religion by the influence of ethical, decent, socially advanced Muslim business people. You can match their Muslim business principle excellence.

We are not to think that this religion is an Arab religion with an "Arab" prophet. Hateful rivals want you to think that this is a religion that Arabs believe in and that there are very few others believing in it. The Arabs are a small minority in the great population of one billion Muslims. It is questionable whether "Arabs" are the leaders. Allah chose the Prophet. Allah chose humanity, not a race. I came from African-Americans, and I am blessed to be recognized. You recognized me first. Now, recently, international recognition is coming to us. Some are paying me flatteries. Some Muslim scholars are starting to accept me as one of their colleagues (a scholar with them in "Islam").

Some see me as "profound". We know the most profound is the Qur'an and the life works of our Prophet. This has touched my life and has given me the insight, the ability and the courage to make profound assessments in matters of religion and community.

Being the son of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, would you not think I have been studying the "Black people"? How can I be the son of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and not study my people very seriously. In addition to that I have become aware of an attempt on the part of the so-called big media and "White" sponsored "Black" media to impose their choices on the African-American ("Black") public. A role for us (Muslims) on every level in the media is made all the more urgent by hateful rivalry and its fears. I have detected that American media tends to present a picture of this religion and the Honorable Elijah Muhammad as having appeal among convicts, ex-convicts, drug addicts, and the dregs of society.

Quickly, let me tell you something. The people that supported Elijah Muhammad and his works were originally people from Christian God-fearing life. They were religious and God-conscious. The pioneer followers of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad were not from prisons and the crime world. I (we) think of them as "the decent, militant striving poor". I am speaking for myself and for all of my brothers and sisters from my father and mother. We were lucky (blessed) to have parents who cared and supporters (pioneers) who cared, the people who provided for our family and encouraged us with their strength and words to us. "That's right son, help your father." And, "Be a good Muslim, so your father and mother will be happy." The pioneers cared for parent-interest and have a "parent role" in my (and my brothers' and sisters') life. Most of them were honorable moral people. The pioneers heard the message of Islam s it was given from Elijah Muhammad. They were moral people who did not like what had happened to subject the spirit and thinking of "the Black race" to "White authority".

I say to them: "The best now were also the best in the time of Jahiliyyah."

Peace unto you. As-Salaam-Alaikum.