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The Shackles of Slavery: Part 6

Imam W. Deen Muhammad


With the Name Allah (In the Name of God),   the Gracious, the Compassionate

As - Salaam – Alaikum

(Editor's note: Following are excerpts from Mujuddid Wallace Deen Muhammad's "humorous exorcism" delivered at, Malcolm X College in Chicago, Nov. 30, 1978 Continued from last week.)

All praise is due to Almighty God, the guardian evolver and sustainer of all the worlds. The blessings and peace be upon Muhammad, the Messenger of Allah to us all.

O Allah, guide us, forgive us our faults, and grant us the blessings of faith. I bear witness there is no deity except Allah and I bear witness Muhammad is His Servant and His Messenger. Peace be upon him, his descendants, his companions, the righteous servants, all of them, and upon us in America and throughout the world:

Elijah is a means for reaching God. E-L-I-J-A-H, a means for reaching God. Which god? "Jah." So who was Master Fard Muhammad, the master of his day, trying to bring this community called the Nation of Islam to? Was he trying to bring this community to Almighty God who created the heaven and the earth? No! He was trying to bring the community to Jah.

And who is "Jah?" Natural motivation, natural human drives, natural human sentiments, natural human aspirations. You're not there yet. The nature is just being stimulated. He came to awaken the nature.

He picked up the principle of the false people - the devil himself. He took on the role of Satan himself to blast the world, to scourge the world, to trick the people into the form he wanted them in.

Even in the role of Satan, he still tried to save as many as possible for God. This is the role of that devil who thinks in his mind he is serving God.

When God said, "I'm going to create a man. Myself, made of the earth, and when I breathe into him of My spirit, you'll submit to him," this Satan said, "Never will I submit to something that you formed of black, stinky mud. You made me above that. You made me of fire."

Meaning, "You made me of drive. I'm filled with the drive of the forces of creation. I have natural motivation, natural drives, natural sentiments, natural aspirations.

"You're going to make a spooky man. You're going to make somebody believe in the mystery and you're going to cause bloodshed because this man, this society, is going to be blind to what's happening in the world. They're going to clash emotionally, morally and legally with the establishment. There is going to be bloodshed between secular people and people of faith."

God said, "Yes, I know all of that. Don't you know I know the beginning and the end and what's in between? Don't you know that I know what happens before it happens?"

And the Angels said, "We have no knowledge except what you have given us, God."

Then this Satan said, "Give me time to prove I 'm right. Will you respite me until the day you bring judgment upon this thing?"

"Go on, "God said, "you are respited."

Then Satan — not Satan, the individual, but Satan a class of organized conspirators — said, "Well and good — I'm going to approach these good people you're going to make, from before them, from behind them, from their right and from their left. And when I'm finished with them you won't find many worthy of this great blessing you're going to bestow upon a human being who has nothing but human sentiments, human passions and no fire of intelligence."

And God said, "Well and good with me Satan, this complements my plan."

Look what happens now — Satan fulfills his threat. He comes at us through our natural motivations, he comes to us through our passionate drives, he comes to us through our moral sentiments, and he supplants or comes from underneath our human aspirations.

He goes to the root of the aspirations and finds out where it's germinating, then he supplants it. He turns the top in the ground and sticks the roots in the sky so that it will not grow, but die in a false spiritualism.

Do you know who he did like that? Peter! Peter was hung upside down on the cross. Who is Peter? Catholicism. And where did Protestantism come from? Out of Peter. Are you free? No! You are still turned upside down!

The theme throughout the scripture in the Quran is designed to inspire human beings to reconcile the life that Satan divided. The human being is divided. His spirituality is divided. It's turned against his human passions. They have to be reconciled.

His vision, his concepts, his perceptions of the physical world of reality are separated from his concept and perception of the spiritual world of reality. He's divided. He has to be reconciled. He has to be brought into agreement again with his own form.

The human being has two fundamental principles operating in him and even more. One inspires him to improve his ability to cultivate the material world and the other inspires him to improve his ability to cultivate the human spirituality.

One is of the physical creation and the other is inspired by the nature that is given to him before even the physical appetite was there -given to him by God, his Creator — the nature to rise above even his first form.

We get our first form from the physical world. The human being comes here as a physical body complete, then God inspires him with knowledge. And if he's successful, he develops into a beautiful human being. If he is corrupt or confused, he might develop into a monster.

(To be continued)