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WMN: There is a movement to bring back the terminologies and former ways of the Nation of Islam under Minister Louis Farrakhan, who is teaching that we have disgraced the Honorable Elijah Muhammad whom we love and appreciate for what he brought to our people at the time. Is there something personal between yourself and him?

I am able to acknowledge the truth of what you teach, but what of the opposition which hinders my brothers and sisters from following the proper guidance? - Philadelphia, Pa.

IMAM: I am aware .that Minister Farrakhan is calling the people back to the old mind and forms that we were under when we were called the Nation of Islam during the years prior to my coming into office in February of 1975.

He has the right to make choices for himself, and if he has made the decision that the Quranic teaching on which our new order is established is not what he wants and he wants the old presentation and the old black nationalistic attitude -- that's his business.

And those who want to follow him. that's their business. If they choose to follow him. that's their business and we shouldn't be upset by that. It doesn't upset me that people are following Minister Farrakhan.

The only thing that upsets me is that we are not making our message available to people who would choose to follow the way we are following.

We should make an effort to see that people have a choice; that they can choose between whatever way is open to people for a religious life or community life — if it is Baptist, or the Reverend Moon, or Farrakhan. whatever it is -- they are all out there. They are all calling people to what they are devoted to.

We are devoted to this, so we are not worried about them. We only want to give everybody a chance to choose what we have. too. We want them to be open-minded enough and have enough well-meaning to listen to what we have to say. too, then make the decision their heart dictates.