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Imam W. Deen Muhammad


QUESTION: You spoke one time before about the long-range goals of the American Muslim Mission in terms of producing a homeland for Al-Islam in the Western Hemisphere. Would you explain?

IMAM: Yes, in fact, my belief is that America is the homeland for Al-Islam.

This is my home, I was born here in this country. My parents and their parents were born here, and now I'm a Muslim, I'm practicing my religion. I belong to a Muslim community, so America has given a home to Al-Islam, and I believe that we should feel that way about it.

We should feel that "we have a home here in America as Muslims" — and that's the only way I can progress. I don't see myself advancing in this country unless I can first believe that we have a right here. We not only have a right here, we have people here who will protect our right to be here and live here.

We have that and we shouldn't worry about that. What we should worry about is the ignorance that's on both sides — the Muslim side and the Christian side.

We have Muslims who still are moving in the spirit of Crusaders. I'm talking about Crusaders back there in the 12th Century. And we have Christians who are still moving in that same spirit, but they represent a very small minority of American people.

Sometimes they make themselves visible. They are trouble-makers. They want to be seen and heard, and we can be fooled into believing that they are really bigger than they are.

These people who are prejudiced against the religion of Al-Islam, and the Muslims who feel that Christians persecute Muslims just because they are Muslims are a small-numbered people and we shouldn't be alarmed.