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Muslim Journal

"ISLAM": The Promotion of Business & Race; How the Conflict is Resolved: Part V

Imam W. Deen Mohammed

(On September 2, 1990, Imam W. Deen Mohammed made the above titled public address in Atlanta, GA. This article has now been prepared from it for publication.)

Look at Pharaoh as the oppressor who said of himself, "lam God", Look at his family of priests who worked under him in the hierarchy that kept the "higher idea" of the human creature to be only in Pharaoh and in those closest to him, Then as you come down from the hierarchy in dissension, the more despicable the-creatures became.

Don't you find the likeness of that in the international world of racism? There are people at the top who claim they are at the top because they are the "purest," the true humans. Then they have those of a little less purity to be the ones closest to them. But as you get down to the bottom, there will be the ones who have nothing but "impurity". Those will be the ones blacked out and kept down.

Thanks to Allah the Dearest, the Merciful, we are saved from that. We reject the arrogance of whites and we reject the arrogance of blacks.

We obey the Qur'an and our religion. We obey the Last Prophet and Messenger to the worlds. "There is no superiority of a white over a black, and there is no superiority of a black over a white." I am quoting the Prophet word for word, "There is no superiority of an Arab nationalist over a non-Arab nationalist, and there is no superiority of a non-Arab nationalist over an Arab. The only superiority is in obedience to Allah."

Now I want to ask you, is this religion resolving the conflict? Allah says of our common identity, that He gave you your human design and your human features and made most excellent that design. Again Allah says in our Holy Book, that He provided for you all the good things. By reasoning from this revelation, who did He provide all of these good things for ? It is for the person in the common identity. It is not for the racists. It is not for the Hers. It is not for the "shirk" makers, those who made "images" and imaged themselves as God.

Allah says/'My servants shall inherit the earth." You should know this, Muslims. This has been said to people before you. They have gone up to the top of the world and have reached ail over the globe and have enjoyed freedom and power. What are you going to do? You are going to rise up too, knowing that Allah says that He made this for you. The resources in the earth and on top of the earth and the resources in the environment above the earth, all of which Allah says He made to yield utility to you (to all people).

This ("Islam") is no small religion for small minded persons. Allah speaks of the human design and associates His gifts of grace, goodness and all such things with that person in that design. That is, Allah made those things for that person. Now, if you want to be foolish and let the wickedly deformed creatures have it all and deny yourself, that will be your problem. I am a Muslim, and I say it (to utilize resources) is for me. Now if they (others) do not measure up better than I do, I say that I will have more legitimate claim on these bounties, these material graces, and all other types of graces given from Allah for us in creation. And I am going to start moving more aggressively to get my share.

When a soldier is in uniform, he should be serious. Once I (we) can put on the uniform that Allah says He made for me and realize I am fit for the profession, look out, for I will not be playing. If I can get enough of you to hold on, the sinners in power are in trouble. We will be strong competition for Allah's creation-based resources.

A man with muscles and the ability to work should go out everyday to find something to do, even if it is washing windows or cars, even if he has no skills at all. If he doesn't go out everyday to try and find something for himself and for a wife, baby at home, he is lazy or ill. Society is spoiled by a people in power who let Satan breathe his plan into them. With me in charge the jail and the penitentiary will not be filled with us (African-Americans). Put the bigger offenders behind bars, and that sad picture of us (African-Americans) will change. Allah made excellent that one ("Adam") pattern for the many of you (all people). That rings a wonderful bell. "...And to Him (Allah) is the destination."

The Christian teachings say sinners, "be born again". "He is the One Who gives you design in the womb according to His Will." And again, "He is the One Who created you and then gave you your design." Qur'an.

In reading up on being a good writer, it is said that most good writers will throw away sixty to seventy percent of what they write. This is what 1 have been doing. I have many very good books I hope to write or collect from my notes for printing. I pray I will come to where I will have to throw away less and less. I should throw away that which does not serve the purpose, that which does not measure up, that which lacks the desired effect and quality. That is what we all have to learn. We have to start throwing much away! Ball up much of the things we are fascinated by. It is hard for a writer to spend hours and days on something and admit to himself it does not measure up and start balling it up and throwing it into the trash. The profiteering self will sell it anyway. If we don't reach for excellence, the trash is where we will end up.

Look how the role of creation is brought in: "And definitely We created you." Allah is speaking in the first person plural to you the many that He created. "... And thereafter We gave you your design.'' When you study biology and see in biology the human form, is that necessarily the human being? An anatomy as pretty as Apollo, is that necessarily a human being? The picture may be of a man before he was civilized. It may be a picture of a man who was no more than an ape or a dog in his behavior.

Many of us may not know that there was a place and a time when men even worshipped the dog as a deity (a god). This is in mythology. There is the chief who is tough and bad and so proud of his macho. He wants to wear something that will enhance his image. He will wear a bear's head or a wolf mask over his face. This tells us that in past history man in some societies thought more of those creatures than he thought of himself.

Why would men admire an animal creature over themselves? It is because they had been unfortunate to have not come into enlightenment. Allah says of Himself, "He created the human soul, (the core of the person, the depository or reservoir for all of the excellence that comes out of man)." Allah says that the soul has as its inherent natural properties the potential for enlightenment and regardfulness. The soul is created for enlightenment and regardfulness.

As said earlier in this address, the original regardful-ness in our created nature is the "Fear of Him"- I say "Him" for want of a better language. Arabic is much safer for us in the use of pronouns. The idea that we have in English when we say "him" will not come to mind for a person whose language has always been Arabic. We live in and have inherited a culture and a language that have all been influenced by "shirk", the wrong idea of Allah. I wish we could understand the gravity or the real seriousness of the oppression that is on us and agree to go on an excursion for research and discussion with Imam W. Deen Mohammed. We should stay in the desert somewhere until we are ready to come back and take over our lives, not with the sword but with the truth. We can do it. and it is going to happen with me or without .me. Looking at African-American benefits from our resources, we are in a desert. (To be continued)