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The Womb Of Law: Part 1

Imam W. D. Muhammad


1. Glorify the name
Of thy Guardian-Lord
Most High.

2. Who hath created,
And further, given
Order and proportion ;

3. Who hath ordained laws.
And granted guidance ;

Yusuf Ali Translation—Holy Quran LXXXVII: 1 -3

In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful; Peace and Blessings upon His Servant and His Messenger, Muhammad, forever. Amen.

There is no god but Allah; Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.

My Dear Brothers and Sisters,
The Book (Bible) says that Christ shall slay the wicked on his second appearance. It is prophesied that he would give mercy, charity, and love to those who deserve them. The world has been awaiting the Christ that would reprove the righteous and punish the wicked. We were taught that this punishment would not be mercilessness, but justice. The prophet Jesus came to the world with kindness, love, and charity. But the evil oppressors took his righteous teachings, changed them around, and used his beautiful message to enslave the world so that they could sit over the people as a slave master.

They used the same life giving teachings that Jesus gave them to destroy the minds of the masses and to turn the people's hearts against themselves. This diabolical scheme made the poor, righteous people become helpless worshippers of the world of grafted, Caucasian mentality.



On the second coming of Christ, should he have mercy on such a people or should
he give them justice? Unless you have knowledge, Brothers and Sisters, you cannot reason with law and justice. You will punish the wrong people because you have been made unnatural in your mind and unnatural in your thinking. Something unnatural has happened here in America to the life of Bilalian men and women. You do not find unnatural people like the Bilalian people of America anywhere else in the world unless there are people with the grafted, Caucasian kind of mentality ruling over the people. The devil minds that rule you and that want to keep you down know the disease that is in people of color around the world. They know that they are feeding you a disease that will make you go and act out the unnatural programming that they have fed into you. They feed you unnatural thinking in the institutions of their society, and you act out that fiction -life and try to make it become "real" in your own life. Soon, you find that you are controlled by the unnatural law of a false world instead of the natural law of Almighty God's creation.


Jesus Did Not Bring A New Law

When Jesus came, he began to interpret the wisdom of God that had been given to the prophets before him. Jesus told the people that he did not come with a new religion. Jesus preached the same religion that all the prophets before him preached. He did not claim to have a new god and a new revelation of religion. Jesus had the same law, the same spirit of religion, and the same righteous teachings that all the other prophets of God had.

Most of the words that came from his mouth when he spoke were words that had already been written in the Old Testament. In fact, Jesus would rarely speak without verifying what he was saying by telling the people that they had heard the words before from prophets or that they had read the words before in the law.

"Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets; I am not come to destroy, but to fulfill.

For verily I say unto you, till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled.

(Matthew 5: 17 -18)


Your Faith Will Save You

The Bible tells you that a man is redeemed (saved) by bis own faith. So, you have to save yourself. All we can do is tell you what can save you, then it is up to you to grab it and save yourself. Jesus said that the people's faith had saved them, and not his faith. He never performed a "miracle" without giving God the credit for it. Even being successful with performing a few miracles, Jesus still pointed to the weakness of miracles. He did not teach the people to believe in miracles, he taught them to believe in truth. Some of those that were cured turned back into their unrighteous ways before they even got out of the sight of Jesus.

Jesus was telling us that although the power is in the word to convert, and it can change a person, the change might be just a temporary change. It is up to the person to develop, and to strengthen, and to hold on to the faith that they have. Jesus said, "I did not come to destroy the law, but to fulfill." In the Lost-Found Nation of Islam in the West, we say the same thing today.


You Are Law

Laws are a necessary step in the development of a people, but once you are born out of the womb of law, you can stand up and look down on law. This is the same as a man rising up from the physical gravity of the earth to look down on the law that once held him (the law of gravity). When a man is born out of the womb of law, he can look down on the old laws and write new laws that are superior to them, or he can ignore the old laws altogether.

Can you ignore a law? Certainly you can ignore a law. If you travel a certain route for a long time and you know the exact location of every stop sign and every red light along that route, the stop signs and the red lights can be taken down tonight and tomorrow you would know to stop where you had been stopping all along. You could do this without having the law before your eyes telling you when and where to stop because you would have learned the law. The law would have become a habit in yourself and you would not need any sign or written commandments telling you what to do. You are law in your own being. This is what Jesus was trying to tell his followers when he told them that he did not come to destroy the law but to fulfill the law. The fulfillment of the law is that you should be born independent of law, but yet be a body that obeys (submits to) law.


Law Breakers Are "Dead"

The lowest of the people on the ladder of spiritual development follow creation. The next step up the ladder is to follow law. There are some people that are so low in intellectual development and in mental development that they cannot follow law. Even if they have to go to jail every week, they still have to break the law. Many men will lose their wives, their children, their homes, and their jobs, but they still have to break the law. People who cannot follow law are people who are dead to their natural form. Something has been taken out of their natural form.

"Whoso despiseth the word shall be destroyed; but he that feareth the commandment shall be rewarded.

The law of the wise is a fountain of life, to depart from the snares of death."
(Proverbs 13: 13 -14)


Respect For Law Is Natural


48. Do they not look
At God's creation, (even)
Among (inanimate) things,—
How their (very) shadows
Turn round, from the right
And the left, prostrating
Themselves to God, and that
In the humblest manner ?

49. And to God doth obeisance
All that is in the heavens
And on earth, whether
Moving (living) creatures
Or the angels: for none
Are arrogant (before their Lord).

50. They all revere their Lord,
High above them, and they do
All that they are commanded.

Yusuf Ali Translation   -  Holy Quran   16:48-50


It is the nature of the human being to respect law. Stones obey the law of gravity and trees obey the law of gravity. Then, a human being who has more freedom, wisdom, mobility, and independence than a stone or a tree certainly has to be able to recognize and respect law. A man with a real, natural brain has the sense to observe a thing that is important for his survival. Something is wrong with the kind of false reasoning that makes a man or a woman disregard law. Something unnatural had to happen to you, Brothers and Sisters, to blind you to the benefit and to the worth (value) of law. When you become that blind, you are destroyed as a human being. In that pitiful condition, you do not respect anything except a threat on your life.

People who cannot recognize law are symbolized in the Bible by the donkey. The Book (Bible) tells us that when the Christ comes in his glory to present himself as the Christ, he would come riding a donkey. Next week we will go further into the very important subject of law and explain to you the meaning of the donkey that Jesus rode in the New Testament scripture.

Your brother, W.D. Muhammad



The Wisdom Of W.D. Muhammad

A great lesson in the Bible is that the man or the woman never commits a sin that is too big for God, in His mercy and compassion, to wipe out and to forgive you. God will do this if you are willing to change and move towards the righteous image of a human being that He has intended for you.

This is the message in many Bible stories. Prophets are used to represent or to describe their people. It is not that the prophets did the unrighteous things that are attributed to them, the people that the prophets led and ruled committed certain sins. God forgave the people directly because of the goodness of the prophet.

In the scripture, people and prophets are put under one description and one picture that identifies the whole kingdom. The church has never corrected our false thinking on these things. Instead, they let us go on thinking that God chose people and prophets who committed great sins against Him and against their fellowman. When you commit a great wrong against yourself or against the society (which is also against yourself), you pay for it. If you are willing to reform, to correct your ways, and to go in the right direction — God has ruled in His mercy and forgiveness to accept you and to wipe out your bad record.

Islam is the true religion. The Holy Quran is the true Book, it is not corrupted. The Bible contains the truth and, because it contains the truth, there is an excuse to call it "Holy Bible." If it were not for the truth that it contains and if all that you could get out of it was what is on the surface of its pages, it would be a lie to refer to it as a "Holy Bible."

Can a Book be "holy" that advances slavery, murder, lying and drunkardness in the earth. If you read on the surface you will find that the Bible advocates these things. If you can read beneath the surface and get the meaning that is hidden and sealed in its pages, then it is a good book. They say that the proof of the pudding is in the eating. We have been eating the Bible all of our lives and we have only become weaker as individuals and weaker as a people.

In this day and time we are bringing you the truth that is hidden under the surface of the pages of scripture and you are able to stand up in strength and in light.