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Reprinted from the Muslim Journal


Muslim Journal

Gog And Magog: Part 6

Imam W. Deen Muhammad


We should practice the method of propagation, that Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon the Prophet, gave us. He told all of his followers. that once they'd learned one line of Qur'an, to take that one line and give it to someone who didn't know it.

He didn't wait until they got a Ph.D.. or a sheepskin, or some other token indicating that they had gone through studies for so many weeks or years. He didn't wait. He said. "as soon as you learn and understand and are able to apply one line, go then and inform another one of that." If you understand one principle. idea, or basic of this religion, if you understand Ea-illaha-ilia-lab, to out there and pass it on to someone else. If you understand the practical benefits of prayer, turning to God, remembering Him, five times a day to keep your five senses alive, to keep your government strong, go and pass that on to another person.

If you understand the meaning of charity and how it is a require­ment of human nature, that keeps our emotional and moral lives healthy, go and pass that on.
Charity increases the moral life in the individual. It makes him stronger. Pass on that information to another person so that he or she will also accept the principle of charity in their life. No matter how poor or bad the individual's circumstances are, they will have the spirit of charity. If the individual can't give money, they can give somebody a good or nice greeting this morning and tonight. Show kindness, consideration and courtesy. That is charity, even though you do not have any money.

If you only have five dollars and someone comes up to you, looking bad and is hungry and you can see your way through tomorrow, why not give up two or three of those dollars? It will help the person see through the-day. Pass it on to someone else. Tell the person where it came from, so he or she will be a part of the army of the saints. Don't pass it to the person without telling them where it came from. They will not have an identity. He or she will not be in the company of the order that God wants. Tell the person that it comes from God. Allah revealed that. It is in the Holy Book. Yes! Tell people fasting is good for them. But don't tell them to fast every day until they die. Let there be a sun over your government. Let there be a ruler over your house, Have the ruler say, "no food' today, until eight o'clock this evening.

Even if they don't fast during the month of Ramadan, like we do, if we can pass it on to people to restrain their appetites for at least a few days, a year, it will help them, because when one restrains his or her appetite, they increase their strength. It is an exercise of the will. And just as exercise in the arms makes them stronger, exercis­ing the will makes it stronger.

You cannot make everyone believe in Hajj, but tell them, God intends that we know the unity of the oneness of man. That though man looks different in their many faces, features and colors, they are all one family, and are from one ancestor. Tell them that God intends that we one day be one conscious community on this earth. Tell them where you got it from. Tell them that God revealed it.
Praise be to Allah!
Last September 28, as I was leaving home to come to the masjid about four or five Jehovah Witnesses were on our block, going from door to door, early in the morning. I left my block and I went to Stony Island and there was one of Farrakhan's followers, putting up a poster announcing that Farrakhan would speak at a tribute to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, the late leader, at University of Illinois, Circle Campus.

I came here and saw the same few faces, that I see every Sunday. I asked myself: when will these people who say they are with me, do half of what they used to do for the Honorable Elijah Muhammad?
When will they do half of what the Jehovah Witnesses are doing? Half of what Farrakhan's followers are doing?
When will they make half the effort that others are making? They are afraid to invite a friend relative (to the masjid) or to go out and spend two hours acquainting someone with what we are doing here. They are afraid and have no spirit to do it.