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When I recall my visits to Atlanta, I'm reminded that there's an effort there to dignify the race. The Bilalians of Atlanta -- the African-American people of Atlanta — have impressed me as African-Americans who are still in touch with the needs to dignify the hole race, not to live for self as individuals, to live in a way that improves the image of the whole race.

Many of us have lost that. Our parents gave us that when we were young. They taught us, "Boy, I want you to grow up to be (something. You have to be a credit to your race." They used to tell us that but now we don't hear too much of that.

In Atlanta, they have a history there I think is very precious to them. It's the [history of many progressive blacks and many successful efforts and programs on the part of blacks in Atlanta to progress the "race.

I think of that when I go there and when I see the Masjid there that's how I see it. I see it as a part of Atlanta. I see the Muslims there and I think of them as being Muslims who are more conscious of the need to live for the dignity of the whole people than most of us in the other areas in the United States.

I think some of our strongest Muslims are in Atlanta. Every time I've gone there I've seen very good attendance. Every time I've gone there and I've seen enthusiasm for progress in the people in Atlanta.

I hope to go back there soon. In fact we're planning a visit very soon to Atlanta with Imam Pasha. We hope to bring the message of the big buy, the collective buying program to Atlanta soon