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The Judgment: Part 1

Imam W.D. Muhammad


77. To God belongeth the
Of the heavens and the earth.
And the Decision of the Hour
(Of Judgment) is as
The twinkling of an eye,
Or even quicker:
For God hath power
Over all things.

78.  It is He Who brought you
Forth from the wombs
Of your mothers when
Ye knew nothing; and He
Gave you hearing and sight
And intelligence and affections :
That ye may give thanks
(To God).

Holy Quran translation Yusuf Ali: Sura XVI: Verses 77 & 78


In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful; Peace and Blessings upon His Servant and His Messenger, Muhammad, forever. Amen.

There is no god but Allah; Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.

As -Salaam –Alaikum

My Dear Brothers and Sisters,
Our subject for the next few weeks will be "The Judgment." It does not take a long time for judgment to come, judgment is sudden. The Holy Quran says that judgment comes like the twinkling of an eye, or even swifter.


The Kinds Of Judgment

There are many kinds of judgment. There is a judgment that comes to the individual that is a judgment which is happening in his or her life all the time. Most of us are unaware of the kinds of judgment in our lives. We go on ignorant of the punishment that we are receiving daily for the wrongs that we are doing. Many of us pass out of this world never having realized that something was punishing us every day, year end and year out, for the wrongs that we were doing against ourselves and against society.

There is another judgment that comes on the whole world. That judgment is the judgment that we are talking about today, not the individual judgment. We are talking about that popular "Day of Judgment" as given in the Bible and in the Holy Quran. It is described as a day when everything that is hidden will come out in the open. We have chosen to talk to you on "The Judgment" because it is something that is going on right now.


A Prophecy Of Blood

According to the allegory in the Holy Quran, Satan became displeased because God was going to make a man (human beings) to be the ruler in the earth. Satan thought that the intellectual powers of the being should be the ruler and not the human force. When God said that He was going to make the human force the ruler in the earth, Satan became upset, proud and arrogant. He refused to accept that God would make a human force the ruler in the earth. The scriptures go on to tell us that Satan then vowed that he would be the enemy of man and that he would do everything in his power to bring man to a quick doom, to a quick judgment.

This is the story of how Satan came into being. He would not accept that God was going to make a prophet to be the leader for the earth. The prophet, or spiritual man, would be a man moved by moral force and not rational force. Satan would not accept that. He felt that God was about to turn the world into hands that could not manage it. God said that He knew what Satan knew not. God knew that kind of attitude on the part of a human being was going to bring about violence and bloodshed.

In the Bible the prophet says that one day blood would flow so heavily and in such great volume that blood would be in the street as high as a horse's bridle. Those people who are ignorant to the truth of scripture have thought that the prophets, Messengers of God, were talking about physical things when, in fact, they were talking about moral, intellectual and spiritual things. They never saw physical blood coming up to a horse's bridle. This description is used as a sign that murder and violence would be increasing at an alarming rate. We have to understand what the Bible is talking about.


The Horse Of Death

The horse is used to represent the form of a human being that is powerful — the intellectual form. The forces of the flesh, hunger, greed, and lust all make up the forces of the physical body. They are also a very strong horse. Then there are the forces of moral strength which are also a strong horse. Some people ride the horse of moral strength, some ride the horse of intellectual strength, and some just ride the horse of physical strength.

The Bible says that there is coming a day when blood will be up to the horse's bridle and the revelator says that there is going to be a horse of death with a rider of death on it. The red horse represents the forces of the flesh that have gotten so much out of control until the horse is pictured as "red." In the same way, Satan is pictured as a red Satan. Red means that the heat of his physical appetite has become so hot that he has turned red like a piece of iron that is greatly heated.

The description of a red horse is used to symbolize that the passionate, lustful body of the world is going to be so heated by lust and greed that it is going to become like a red hot iron. This greedy beast is going to be out in the world trying to get what he needs to feed his hunger. The Bible says that he has an appetite that cannot be satisfied. It says that he is like death because be cannot be satisfied until everything has been destroyed.


The Prophecy Of Flood

The prediction of the prophets of the doom of the world is not so much a physical doom, but it is a doom or judgment that is come into the mind of the world because the mind has gotten off the track. When the prophets saw that the society was going off the track and that the human mind would be taken away from the guidance of God, they predicted destruction. They knew that if the people followed that course, all kinds of evil would be increased on the earth. The prophets predicted a great flood would come.

The Bible also says that as it was in the day of Noah, so shall it be in the day of the coming of the son of man. At the end of time it shall be as it was in the day of Noah, that is, the world will be flooded by a great flood. People without proper scriptural guidance have thought all the time that this meant some physical rain was going to fall from the sky for forty days and forty nights. The prophets were not talking about that kind of thing at all.


The Fullness Of Corruption

Water represents the moral makeup (human makeup) of the human being because the human and moral makeup is like physical water. A human being, like water, wants to be quiet and peaceful and he does not want to be disturbed. Water will not become disturbed unless men or something else acts on it but if you leave water alone, it will seek its level and become quiet. The most peaceful thing that you can find is a body of water that is not disturbed by outside forces.

The Book says that although the human being is like water in his makeup, something was going to happen in the world that would cause a flood on the earth. Flooding is different from just a heavy downpour of rain. When rain is pouring down heavily, it does not cause heavy damage until the flood builds up.

When the flood builds up, water breaks its natural boundaries (barriers) and it gets into places where it should not be and where it was not intended to go. Water goes into cesspools and into other depositories of filth, making filth come up where it should not be.

The prophets saw that if society continued on its destructive, blind course towards self-destruction and if it continued on heedless of divine guidance, every kind of corruption was going to reach its fullness. When the corruption would overflow the society, it would be "judgment."


Judgment On World Leadership

This is a punishment coming on society. It is a punishment that is physical, but it is a punishment brought on by mental, moral, and spiritual disobedience. The man who breaks a law by himself brings no wrath to bear except wrath upon himself. But when men conspire and come together with other deceitful men to look at God's plan in order to undo it, another kind of judgment must occur. When evil men conspire to make God's plan all over again so that it will work for them instead of working for God, the judgment is no longer an individual judgment. When men come together with a dirty, vicious, cruel, and ruthless idea in their minds and make that plan effective in the lives of the people of society, then the judgment must come not only on individuals, individually, but judgment must come on the leadership of the world.

In your life today, you are experiencing the divine judgment coming down against the leadership of the world. Look at the leadership of the world today. Look how afraid they are to show moral courage, to show spiritual courage, or to show intellectual courage. The leaders of this world of grafted mentality have a history for being dare devils when it comes to physical courage, but today they are even afraid to show physical courage because the judgment of Allah is upon the leadership of the world.

Thank you for honoring us with your time to read these few words.

Your brother, W.D. Muhammad