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Truth: The Language of God

Imam W. D. Muhammad


82. And when the Word is
Fulfilled against them (the unjust),
We shall produce (from the earth           
A Beast to (face) them:
He will speak to them,
For that mankind did not
Believe with assurance
In Our Signs.

Holy Quran, Yusuf Ali Translation, Sura 27:82

In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful; Peace and Blessings upon His Servant and His Messenger, Muhammad, forever. Amen.

There is no god but Allah; Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.

As -Salaam –Alaikum

My Dear Brothers and Sisters,
Almighty God saw the growing of falsehood in the hearts and the minds of the people, and He saw their hunger for things of the flesh. There was a kind of hypocritical commitment to religion, and Allah revealed this trend to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

There were many people in religion whose hearts and minds were in things that would only serve them, and their allegiance to righteousness was not a true allegiance. These people were not firmly grounded in faith, and they took the signs and the promises of God lightly. They did not seriously believe in those signs and wonders, but God revealed to the Prophet that there was coming a time when these people would be made aware of what they had done in not being true believers.


The Struggle For Truth

Prophet Muhammad was being told not to fret or worry over the condition of such people. The heart of the man who is sincere and who really is totally committed to serve God and the good cause in society experiences pain in his struggles, and he suffers a lot because he is often disappointed. The sincere person struggles and he gives of himself (sacrifices himself); he prays to God and he seeks God all the night long, sometimes staying up the whole night. He comes out in the morning and he begins working hard trying to put together the divine message in common language and simple terms for the people. God's message is a truth that is the greatest truth in existence. It is a greater truth than the truth of higher mathematics; it is a greater truth than the truth of complicated chemical and physical terms and concepts. The divine message is the truth that is the ultimate and the absolute truth, it is the truth upon which all other truth is supported, and it evolves or manifests all other truth.

The man who is struggling to teach the people about God and true religion has to take God's precious truth and then he has to explain it in simple terms for people who are not educated, and for people who perhaps never finished grade school. The Servants of God have to struggle with concepts, terminology and ideas that the people are not used to hearing because they have never before been taught these things. They have to struggle to put the divine message in a package for the people that their simple minds can grasp. The person who is teaching the people about God's truth struggles all night and all day long, and then he struggles before the people in order to get them to see that reality and truth is everywhere. He wants them to see that human beings are a force for truth, and that they are themselves an embodiment of truth. Human beings simply have to begin radiating from within and radiating from without the truth that they find within themselves. This tells us that if we would stop smothering our own truth and let it come out, we will see the light.

After the prophet, the messenger or servant of God has continuously struggled with the people, many of them take on the understanding of the divine message and they look like new plants coming out of the ground or beautiful flowers. When we look at the man or the woman who has taken on this message, it seems that a miracle has been performed. But then the sincere person who was struggling so hard to bring the people God's truth walks away, and when he returns, he finds that the beautiful flowers of yesterday have turned into purple, dead-looking flowers. They are now a poison; they are poisoning the garden and they are poisoning the atmosphere. They are now weed-like vines that are struggling against the growth of the healthy things, and they are killing the food of the congregation of righteous people. The leader looks at this corruption that has come into the society, and his heart is crushed. But God always comes back to the good man and He lets him know that he does not have to worry over the useless people who do not want to travel the path of righteousness and truth and become one with their Creator. God tells the righteous man to let such people live on the earth and to leave them alone because they are traveling on the path to get what they are rightly due.


Judgment Comes For Deceivers

Brothers and sisters, we do not fret, despair or grieve ourselves to death over the resistance put up by false-natured, false-minded people because Allah has shown us through the Prophets, and especially through His last Prophet, the Universal Prophet, Muhammad (peace be upon him) the ways of the corrupted people, the liars and the hypocrites. Through these men, Allah has shown us that He is ever in command and that He is ever in charge of all affairs in the skies and on earth. In revealing this to us, Allah shows us that we do not have to worry about the advances that the wicked world is making, for all of their achievements are advances towards their doom.

We know that in the life of the individual judgment comes before he passes away. Many of us have seen or read about great deceivers, cruel task masters, and monstrous parents that suppress, oppress, torture and cause the people to suffer unbearable things. We think that because such people may live to see long lives (70, 80 or more years) on earth and that because they pass out of the world with their wealth and with their fame that they have not been punished in life. We have heard many of our tearful people grieving and weeping over their own condition and wondering why God would let such evil people live so long, progress so much in the earth and go out without being punished. We cannot bring those persons to you, give them their life back and force them to tell you the truth, but not a one of them passed out of this world physically without getting his punishment. The wicked person gets his punishment in one form or another.

Brothers and sisters, God does not have to take your wealth and your followers from you to punish you; He can let you keep your material wealth and your fame with your hypocritical followers and yet punish you in this life. The followers of a hypocrite, the followers of a liar, and the followers of a tyrant are themselves artificial, so God lets them stay together. But do not think that Almighty God did not reach into the brain of that wicked man and torture the chambers of his mind. Do not think that He did not stick His hand into the chest of that man and choke and torture his heart for letting his i heart and his mind deviate from the path of truth. Every soul that comes on this earth and commits evils against society is punished in this life, and the Holy Quran says that they shall be given the worst punishment in the Hereafter.


God's Picture Language

The ancient wise people used pictures of things in creation to describe abstract ideas and concepts. We know that picture language is a good way to get ideas over to people who are not acquainted with the language of abstract ideas or abstract things. When you take abstract ideas and concepts and complicated descriptions and explanations and give them to the people in picture language, they can grasp those ideas. Long ago the teachers discovered that God the Creator, not God in man, is the best of teachers, and the Creator taught the man first with pictures.

When you open your eyes to this physical world, you see physical pictures. Before you can learn the language of your mother and your father, you have already begun reading some of the language of Almighty God. God's language has already begun to create you in your body before your mother and your father can reach you because they do not have the power to reach you before God reaches your mind. Allah does not make you in your parents' image, He makes you in the image that He chooses for you. Your parents cannot speak to you when you first come from the womb, but God begins to speak to you. He shows you the light outside and He contrasts and shows you the darkness.

He lets you experience quiet in the womb of your mother for nine months, then God throws you into a noisy world and He speaks to your mind with noise. Allah speaks to you with extremes and He begins shaking you up inside, making the atoms of your being quicken and come into activity. The Creator does this so that your mind will begin turning over to try to understand the message that God is trying to give you through your physical eyes, ears and flesh. The Book says that God is trying to say to you that this is only the beginning of a marvelous creation and that He is only watering, plowing and stirring up the ground of your being. God does this so that He can cause that seed that He has divinely put in the human being to burst forth, allowing His real man to take form in the flesh.

Thank you for honoring us with your time to read these few words.

Your brother, W.D. Muhammad