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Muslim Journal

Islam": The Promotion of Business & Race; How the Conflict is Resolved: Part 3

Imam W. Deen Mohammed


(Note: This Public Address was delivered by Imam W. Deen Mohammed in Atlanta, Georgia on September 2, 1990. This article has now been prepared from it by Imam Mohammed for publication.)



Mother has the virgin mother nature to answer the needs of mother care for her child. In these times, many mothers arc too burden by commercial life's circumstances to act on spiritual, moral, and mental impulse (urge). Whatever the case may be in "modern times" for the virtues of mother nature in our women, at her birth into this world, every mother had her creation-supported social benevolence.

I have known mothers to be too sick themselves to be out of bed being up in the dead of night caring for their little sick ones. These mothers themselves would have cold and fever, but that did not show in their treatment of their babies. The beauty of it all does not bloom fully for us except in the creation scheme of Allah's Mercy: "For that purpose (for His Mercy} He (Allah The Creator) created" us. (The Qur'an.)



In some situations living for a cause is more of a sacrifice than dying for it. This acknowledged, death remains the ultimate sacrifice. Our mothers and also mothers "under" man in the scale of evolution are born having the creation-supported social benevolence to pay the ultimate price to save their children from certain death. It will help man to keep in mind the virtues of virgin life upon which the emergence of civilization was possible. Most likely there would not have been the first image or shrine fashioned to the claim of man's divinity had society been encouraged to keep the whole picture. We should want to caution our societies against a temptation to drink from the strong wine of the seduced ego.



In this presentation reference is made to our failure to awake to religion-promoted social concepts and social values. Such recognition brings with it a remarkable promotion for man's religious conscience. It brings man to a higher appreciation of religion and for divine revelation as complementing and affirming rather than negating or defaming creation and human nature. It is the ego of socially un-evolved intellects to be charged with the socially degenerate act of imaging "man" with a capacity for love to eclipse and demote the endearment to man of the concept Creator.



The religion of the Qur'an informs that Allah (The Only God) is the Creator of everything, the Giver of nature to everything, and that Allah has built and clocked into nature divinely given love and caring regard for "the little ones". Against some, judgment is brutal. But Divine Judgment is never blind and merciless. To be redeemed by Allah is not to be treated unjust. Merciful Allah's act of saving is never brutal. Man and society suffer the disregard for virgin nature prescription for rule over dependents.

The abuse of little ones by parents (mothers and fathers) in our private homes only became epidemic after steadily worsening epidemic abuse of the dependent and weak populations by the industrial powers. We will go on hoping and praying for mercy to reach our big and strong ones for a more human vision of government and law to reign upon what can be salvaged of human life-respecting structures of man.

To embrace creation-supported social logic is to gain renewed determination for a sober humanizing of behavior of citizens and institutions. Man 'policy makers) cannot suffer forever his own ignorance and brutal policy for managing the energies of populations. Many of the modern legislature have not been any better than the ancient powers who provided for the worship of the golden calf or for the destruction of the sacred temple. What is allowed in the management of populations and their energies by our people of this Land is an advanced prescription of the same cruelty to unemployed or economy-burdening populations



As a symbol of oppressive rule, Pharoah the oppressor had an amazing exaggeration of his own worth. When challenged and pressured to end the cruelty, Pharoah's ego flared up to have him boast of himself being "god". Pharoah's defiance and might art- so power-packed as a captivating piece of drama, it is difficult not to miss something of importance. Though at every chance to be spared Pharoah "hardened", Allah's Mercy was extended to this oppressive rule over and over again. Pharoah was never denied opportunity for change or behavior.



An oppressor's bullish insisting to have it his way against the way of Allah has never affected Merciful Allah. 'The Qur'an.) Our commanders of the "turfs" obviously do not feel comfortable enough with their might to risk sharing the stage for a showdown. Their efforts are made mainly to hide and deny the earned merits of challengers. Hence, Allah's Mercy and Grace are indicative and representative of Allah's incomparable Self. Allah permits a bullish oppressor to take to the stage that will give the oppressor the world audience of both the wise and the foolish. The foe is allowed freedom to delude himself and the world. Man is not prevented from putting before the world a bid for the "Throne of Allah".

In the early life of man. the virgin nature was of the influence to bring sinners against virgin nature to repent and be redeemed. In our world today, the powerful influence of virgin nature is not enough for bringing man to repent sins against virgin nature and to redemption without the Qur'an and the model behavior of Muhammed the Sixth Century Liberator of humanity.



The words and spirit of some "Muslim" preachers ask their following to believe the most hopeless victims of modern life corruption are Allah's chosen. The fate of moral life does not hinge on influences of wealth. education, or popularity in the world. There are at all times persons on all levels of society who fight corruption and never succumb to it. Peace be on the Messengers: Ibrahim (Abraham) was known for his unblemished character amongst his people. Musa (Moses) earned his honorable deportment as a leader amongst the chiefs of Pharoah. In the Qur'an, nothing less than the noblest esteem is paid to and attributed to both Yahya (John} and Christ Aesa (Jesus). Like Musa (Moses), our Prophet Muhammed earned his unequaled deportment amongst the sons of the famed Tribe (the Quraish) of the Arabs. We have been in error believing Allah takes up filth to "wash away" man's oppressive sins. We have to keep the easy to see sense before us: Decency is rewarded; sin is punished; repentance opens the door to mercy.

The world of greed and deceit sees the Quran and Allah's Messenger Muhammed as its defeat. Therefore, the biggest effort of the chief corruptions is their effort to take attention from Islamic power. The advances against us by greed and deceit is mostly due to our blindly allowing our hurt and strained feelings to be used against us. The failure on the many is their allowing themselves to be manipulated morally into costly moral errors.



In the religion of the Muslims, business is also a devotion to the Merciful Allah Who is the Creator of everything. As people of faith, we need to stay aware of creation as a promoter of "good" consequences over bad consequences. Allah's Will is Mercy; never is His Will to harm us, "Matter" is not evil. Allah deposited utility in everything created. The "natural resources" are given as utility to all people for all people. With Muslims, "spending" is to be seen as an exercise in the human purification process. Man's worship of Allah includes the acquisition of wealth and the conduct of business.
(To be continued)