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Muslim Journal

"Islam": The Promotion of Business & Race, How the Conflict is Resolved: Part II

Imam W. Deen Mohammed

(Note: This Public Address was delivered by Imam W. Deen Mohammed in Atlanta, Georgia, September 2, 1990. This article ban now been prepared from this address for publication.)

The Qur'an clearly offers us the social benevolence of creation-supported social logic. At this point we are addressing the concept of man's beginning. Man's behavioral nature began in paradise and was brought down to and then up from the earth. (Qur'an)

KIND TREATMENT AND THE WEAK OF SOCIETY "Who is not kind to our weak ones is not of us." Allah's Mercy to the world, Muhammed    the    Last Prophet, on him be the prayer and the peace."

An understanding of the expression "creation-supported social logic" may come with an observation of natural life. While observing animal behavior towards their young, human nature is touched by animal benevolent consideration for the weak. When we observe the "virgin" social life of animals on educational television, we may be drawn into their world to find ourselves admiring and applauding animal social behavior.

I have watched the massive fierce tiger reach down and grab up its baby with frightening teeth without hurting it. How many of us present a more benevolent picture in our treatment of our young or weak ones? The lion and the tiger can take their big paws that can bring down other massive beasts and with it pick up a pup or a kitten and hold it without leaving on it pain and scars. No kitten or pup runs to the welfare office or to the police department with a complaint of child abuse against its parents.

The point of view and the connecting sentiments being addressed are promoted by "Islamic teachings" and are preserved in the Qur'an and in the life example of Allah's Messenger Muhammed (A.S.).



To achieve the desired moral idea (moral regulation), creation-supported social logic is proposed as a holy rejection of that religious implant of "inherent sin." It served world society to be aware of this cruel indictment of man's nature by organized (by defective) religion. The babies born to us come here as it were from heaven.

Our babies come into this world functionally and perceptually prepared to start a new chapter, a fresh record, a clean slate, another race (opportunity) for our smaller units of family and for "the family of man," — another race for paradise.

It is hoped this is not striking the nerve centers as something essentially poetic. Identifying somewhat with the critics who loathe organized religion for its excessive promotion of blind obedience to the discredit of the created worth and intelligence of the multitudes of innocent populations, I trust Allah Most Merciful to protect us from slipping and falling under the spell of worldly arts.

Our being fond of a style of expression or an appealing effect we aim for is sometimes our own self-worked pitfall. I wish to never be noticed for having anything other than an "Islamic" concern for the premier cause of moral consistency on the part of religion. When one tries to gain a more mature appreciation for organized religion by faithfully examining it to see its moral contribution to moral consistency, to the pursuer’s regrets, a presence of poetic license is seen betraying, overruling, and selling out man's premier cause of moral consistency. More so than any other explanation, the belief in moral consistency is the influence behind my making my religious concerns public. Moreover, my enthusiasm for living, identifying, and projecting religious interest is the product of
my conviction that Al-Islam ("Islam") is clearly the superior leader in this premier cause of man.



No excuse to be merciless to the weak qualifies morally to be other than a breach of promise in the moral pledge of man. The natural mother accepts her baby and gives her baby the milk of virgin human nature as created by Allah, the Lord Creator "of everything". Cow's milk is nice; however, scientific reporting lists cow's milk under more fat, not suited as well to the infant's taste, and of less value in the infant's system. Mother's human milk has agreeable fat and a kinder sugar.

We are not to raise our children to have a taste for grease. The ease with which the substance goes down to digestion does not make it good. Mother's human milk is scientifically preferred mainly for its more compatible consistency on the human system. The mother is not growing her baby to become a bull to stroll with its several hundreds of pounds around in a greed fostering enclosure. Mothers of virgin human nature will not raise their children to live outdoors in the open ("free") air unprotected by human conscience and culturally sound and proven traditions.   (To be continued}