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W. Deen Mohammed Weekly Articles
Reprinted from the Muslim Journal

December 20. 1991

Muslim Journal

"An Indirect Approach (to Family Problems)
to Getting a Better Situation at Home": Part 5

Imam W. Deen Mohammed

 (Imam W. Deen Mohammed made this public address in Dayton, Ohio on September 29, 1991. From it he has now prepared this article for Muslim Journal's readers.)



This is a report of what the Prophet said, the prayers and the peace be on him: "The world is a reward (a grant). And the best of its benefits is a virtuous woman."

Now of all that we can see as benefits in this world — cars and the business, power of wealth, dining on the dish of one's choice do not equal a gift of a virtuous woman. That tells us that we should value a believing sister who wants to be decent. We should value her over everything else that we have in the world of the worldly things.

We are talking about enjoying her as a companion (wife). Whatever this religion says the excellence of nature will support. Now brother, if you are a real natural and normal person as a man, your best enjoyment is not eating that meal, not riding in that car, not going to your favorite entertainment, not smoking that joint that you do sinfully. If you will tell the truth, your best enjoyment is being comfortable with that woman. You will cut out your plans to go to the show and to drive that big Lincoln. You will cut such things out, if she is there and everything is straight. The Prophet did not say anything wrong. Our excellence in our nature testifies to it. The prayers and the peace be upon the Prophet.

Also, the Prophet says, the prayers and the peace be on him, "Paradise lies at the feet of the mother. "Here, the Prophet has made Paradise something that we can get through the mother. If he had said Paradise lies at Route 65, wouldn't we start looking for it? "Paradise lies at the foot of the mother," and so a way for men to reach Paradise is a "virtuous woman." Support her, respect her, love her, value her, and invest in her. This is not me; this the religion.

There is an excellent book which I will mention that is by Dr. Ahmed Sakr. I have known him since about 1967. "Matrimonial Education in Islam," is one of many books by this author.



Now I will come to something that may be a little touching. There is a new influence being promoted in the African family of people, especially here in America, called "Afrocentricity." I may surprise you in saying that I am not against Afrocentricity, if it is honest and straight. I was not and am not against Black Studies in schools and on campuses, but I am not comfortable with it. That is because I know "Black Studies" has not been honest and straight. Likewise for Afrocentricity. I am not pleased with it at all.

Its promoters say we should make Africa the center, and all of us of the African family should look to Africa as the center. But their Afrocentricity ignores Islam that has become the center and has been the center for the continent of Africa for many centuries. Our religion has been the center for that continent. But they want to ignore that and cheat us with idolatry and anything but true religion. The false prophets of Afrocentricity do not respect real Christianity on the continent. They want to go backwards to idolatry.

That tells me that someone wants to sell me an Afrocentric belief to cheat me out of a brilliant and mighty page in my past. Before Al-Islam ("Islam") we know Africa had great civilizations. But why should I accept traces and small remnants of an ancient civilization and ignore what is clearly established for us in history? Evidence of mighty people, mighty civilizations influenced by Islam and were Islamic civilizations is the history of Africa.

Now they (the false prophets) will mention Songhai and Askia the Great, but mention this passing over, passing by, playing down any importance for Islam. We will have to search to find the connection in their script for Al-lslam, when we should only have to search to find the connection with the ancient bones and superstitions and idolatries.

Al-lslam came and pushed such oppression out of Africa, almost totally. However great was the Nile's ancient rulers and their sciences, that greatness cannot be recovered by false ones dodging around Africa's history.

Also, Christianity has had a great role on that continent. Now, if these persons are going to bring us to an Afrocentricity, they should respect the fact that religions revealed by Allah (God) have done more for that continent than idolatry or primitive ideas about religion. It is established religions — particularly Al-lslam — that have done more for the civilizing of that continent, for the enrichment of the intellect, the human nature and soul.

So why cheat me? If you want me to make Africa the center of my life and the center of my focus for my reality, then don't cheat me. Don't have me looking at bones and superstitions and faked cosmetic ideas, when there is real history.



Study ("identify'') those involved in spreading this falsely formed Afrocentricity and you will find the enemies are among them. This is an ugly mark on the family. Already some of our desperate children are influence by it.

The cheating prophets are getting on the television and are in the mass media. They are teaching our homes to charm us blind. And it is because our souls have a great void and have a great need to connect with our ancient land and ancient people and ancient history. America has kept all of that from us, and now a strong (wealthy) element in America is giving it to us in a very deceitful way. This element makes and gives opportunity to the enemies of Islam. Our past has been mostly Islam, and it should be the Muslims telling us about the African past.

Muslims, we have to be aware. We have to remember, Sister and Brother, and tell our children, "Don't you be taken by this. The best we have as a people of Africa is Islamic. The greatest page of glory for our achievement is Islamic. And it is nothing else but Islamic." We appreciate what the Christians have done on the continent for good. But what they have done has been no equal with Islam.

That doesn't mean that we are in the best of shape, for the Muslims in the world are not in the best shape. That is because as Allah says, "He rotates the Rule." (Qur'an) Although Muslims are Allah's (God's) people, we are not always going to be the rulers. Allah "rotates the rule" to try people, to have other people prove their merits. How do we know bow other people will treat Muslims, if they never get the chance to be in the superior position ? How do we know how we will treat other people, if we never rise to the superior position? There is a lot of wisdom in this: "Allah rotates the rule as He pleases." See the Qur'an.

The Christian West colonized Africa and dominated most of the Muslim world. And they left their influences over the Muslims, and altered the life of the Muslims. Over zealous and greedy for glory and power, our enemies among the Christians hoped that the Muslims would never find true Islamic life again. They (oppressive Christian West) dominated Muslim lands for centuries. Therefore, it is small wonder that Muslim lands are weak.

We have been oppressed. The West oppressed Muslim lands in Africa in the Middle East, in Europe, in Asia. Blame yourself for not wanting to find the truth, for not searching the Qur'an, for not searching the history of our Prophet. Let us blame only ourselves. Don't blame our failures on the state of the Muslims in the world.

We need a climate for healthy homes, for healthy Muslim homes. And I hope I am contributing something to bringing that about.

(To be continued)