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The Love Of Allah Is Our Protection

Imam W. Deen Muhammad


FOR MANY YEARS we only had the Quran, and did not really use it. We were not told to use it. We were, in fact, instructed in a way that would make us think that we were not to use it.

Now we have the Quran, and we know that every Muslim is obligated to make use of it.

Allah revealed the Quran, Highly Praised is He, to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) who recited it to the people. And it was no secret matter.

The believers heard the recital, and they were to commit it to memory. Many of them in fact, most of them — committed it to memory. And because of them hearing the Quran, memorizing the Quran, we have the Quran.

If they had not received it from the mouth of Muhammad, the Prophet (PBUH), and had not themselves committed it to memory, we would not have it. That's in fulfillment of Scripture that was given to the people of the Book, before the Quran came, which says, "And God shall write the word upon their hearts."

We have the expression now in English — I have learned it by heart; meaning that you have committed it to memory.

WHEN YOU LOVE something, you hold it very dear to you. When you cherish it enough, you don't want to just hear it and let it pass by, you want to keep it. And the way you keep it is to deposit it in your heart.

If the heart is good, and you really love and appreciate what is given to you, the heart cherishes it. If the desire is strong enough, we can commit to memory the whole Quran. Many Muslims have committed the whole Quran to memory, from Al-faitha to Al-Nass - from the beginning to the end.

Those who love the Quran are not satisfied just to hear it, they want to cherish it, they want it in their hearts, they want it in their memory.

THAT CAN EASILY come about for us in this part of the world if we will practice exposing ourselves more and more to the reading of the Quran. While we are at our homes we should be exposing ourselves more and more to the reading of the Quran. Instead of listening to the radio or other things, wasting a lot of time, spend more time listening to the words of Allah - the recital of the Quran.

They have very good recitals that have been recorded by Al-Hussri, Abdul Bassett and others.

We should make use of those that are available, because this is how the Quran came to the Muslims in the days of the Prophet upon this Earth (PBUH). He received Quran for all occasions. The Quran came for all occasions. The Quran was only speaking to the immediate problem or the immediate circumstances there in Arabia, but the verses came from Allah. Allah has all knowledge as we are told in the Quran, and His vision encompasses everything here and in the future.

So, Allah knew what we would need in the future. As He was dealing with the problems at hand, Allah was also speaking to the problems of the future.

The revelations where it speaks to the immediate problem, it also speaks to the problems of the future.

SO IF A MUSLIM studies the Quran, he will learn how Prophet Muhammad lived his life. He will learn something about the conditions and circumstances there in the times of the Prophet. He will learn the kinds of problems the Prophet had to face — he and his companions. Peace be upon the Prophet, and may Allah be pleased with his companions.

The Muslim who studies Quran will learn that he will have a much better idea of what his religion is. Not only will you be learning of the past, but you will also be getting the light and the guidance for the future. Whatever problems human beings suffered with in the past, we suffer with in some degree now.

THE EVILS that beset the people in those days beset us now. We think that in our own new language and modern times we are not considered to be pagans or heathens. We don't consider ourselves to be as vulgar perhaps in our life as some of those people are reported to have been.

But the fact is, in many ways we are more vulgar than they were. And in many ways we are more heathen than they were. So don't think that because time has passed and people have taken on new minds and dress that we are really away from the weaknesses of the human being.

Human beings have weaknesses, and the same weaknesses that were a problem for the people in those days are a problem for us now.

They never change. Medicine that was good for them back then, is good for us right now.

The Quran is the medicine that is good for us.
It will heal us.
It will keep our feet in the right path.
It will keep our life in some kind of order.
It will direct our feet and keep us firm -- keep us firm for justice, firm for righteousness. And that is what Allah wants.