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Reprinted from the Muslim Journal


Muslim Journal

Gog and Magog: Part 8

Imam W. Deen Muhammad


(Editor's note: This is the final installment of Gog and Magog.)

They will ask you, 'are you following Wallace D. Muhammad?' If you say, 'yes.' They say, 'we've had enough leaders. That's what's wrong with us now, leaders. We don't need any leaders.

So they invite you to become Magog and join those who don't believe in having a head. But they won't go and tell the government that they don't approve of the Head of State; that they reject him. They won't tell the government they don't want any leader in the United States over them.

Only the camp of the oppressed cannot have leaders. And we know if the blind lead the blind, they all go, right? So Satan is planning for the camp of the oppressed. 'Oh, mister, this is 1986. almost 1987, this is not the 60's anymore. We are not oppressed.'


You're More Oppressed

You're more oppressed now than you were in the 60's; your future is more bleak now, than it was in the 60's. We have less respect as people in America and in the world than we had in the 60's. In the 60's there were three African nations that admired us. I've been in those places recently and they don't admire us because we are leaderless.


The Media Makes Leaders

The media makes leaders for us who are nothing but shams. We are too weak and too afraid that we are going to lose welfare security and patronage benefits. Yes, I know the stake. We are too afraid to brave the wrath of Pharaoh.

If you believe in Allah and are a true Muslim, you don't fear people, you fear Allah. And when it comes to making the right decision, you make the decision that pleases Allah, not the decision that makes you look good, or keeps you in the favor of Pharaoh or the oppressive force.

In concluding this, let me bring to mind another expression in religion that is very common; Son of Man. Satan's target is the son of man whom he wants to destroy. If he can't destroy him, at least he wants to make him of no consequence. He wants to crucify him, tie up his forces, and arrest his energies and influence if he can't kill him outright.

What is the sun of the solar system? It's the boss, the head, the leader, the ruler, the nucleus for the government that we call the solar system.

He wants to destroy the son of man in you. He wants to rob you of your rightful possessions, the government of the individual.


You Need A Moment Of Peace

Satan knows that if man can ever be left at peace long enough, he will come into his own. But Satan knows that if he can keep man in conflict and at war within himself, he will never develop to his potential. You need a moment of peace to get yourself together.

Allah says that He created man from a small life germ, but first an emission of watery fluid, and He caused it to be placed in a place of rest, and there in that place of rest, comes a clot, a fetus lump, and goes on to reach its full potential. But first it needs a place to rest.

Satan's war in these last years in America has been upon the sanctuary. He has turned his forces of Gog and Magog a loose and they are attacking the very sacred things that this society used to defend. Oh yes. They have movies now where they make God a joke. They used to just a priest the butt of a joke, they have carried it a little farther, and have to make even God a joke. Now they've made the blessed Mary, the mosque and the church a joke. But hardly ever do you see them play with the synagogue. But they play with church and the mosque.