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Coming of the Son Of Man: Part 2
From out of the East Even Unto the West

Imam W.D. Mohammed


105. We sent down, the (Qur-an)
In Truth, and in Truth
Has it descended: and We sent
Thee but to give Glad.
Tidings and to warn (sinners).

106. (It is) a Qur-an
Which We have divided (
Into parts from time to time),
In order that thou mightest                       
Recite it to men
At intervals : We have
Revealed it by stages.

107. Say: “Whether ye believe
In it or not, it is true
That those who were given
Knowledge beforehand, when
It is recited to them,
Fall down on their faces
In humble prostration,

Holy Qur’an – Yusaf Ali Translation — Sun XVII: 105 – 107


In the Name of Allah, The Beneficent, the Merciful; Peace and Blessings upon His Servant and His Messenger, Muhammad, forever. Amen.

There is no god but Allah; Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.
As -Salaam –Alaikum

My Dear Brothers and Sisters,

You read in the Bible of the coming of God or the return of truth, but truth is not something that just drops out of space and suddenly hits you. Truth has to move from a pure origin and continue in motion until it reaches you.

The Holy Quran is that body of truth that is the symbolic divine mind in divine words. It is the divine expression of the presence of Divine Mind, and that body of pure truth has reached us in the Lost-Found Nation of Islam in the West.



"As the lightening cometh out of the East and shineth even unto the West, so shall the coming of the Son of Man be." (St. Matthew 24:27).

The message that we call religion began in Mecca in the East. The truth about God and His religion (Islam) came from out of Arabia where Abraham established the first house of worship (the Ka'aba).

As the light has come out of Mecca (east of Jerusalem), it has lit up the East and come westward into Jerusalem. The divine body of truth shone from the East to the West, and the light is constant, whole or even-flowing from the East* to the West. The scripture is telling us that as the light of truth shone from out of Mecca unto Jerusalem, so shall Jesus' coming be.



God wants to express His oneness and its purity which religious people call "monotheistic purity," in a righteous receptor. That righteous receptor is called a prophet or a saint.

Every man who is a good receptor of divine truth is not a prophet. One man will be a prophet because a message is needed and another man will be a saint because interpretation, adjustments and corrections are needed at that particular time and not so much a new message. That's why saints, mujeddids, mahdis and even messiahs came when the people were in need of more religious light or knowledge.



If a man is a messiah, it doesn't necessarily mean that he is a prophet. Any man who is divinely clean, who has received the Word of God and who is a perfect representative of that truth is a messiah. To be perfect in this sense means that the person doesn't introduce foreign ideas when he talks about God and His message. The messiah is not attached partly to the divine message and partly to a political doctrine or to some other doctrine. He is able to give out the message of God without corrupting that truth. The messiah has been wiped clean with divine truth and knowledge. This cleansing has made him clean, pure and upright.

Jesus did not attach a great importance to calling himself Messiah or Christ. He knew that being Messiah or Christ was no supernatural thing about which one should boast. Not only was Jesus a messiah, but he also was the Son of Man, a holy prophet of Allah.



Jesus was one that inherited the rule and the works of the prophets before him, even Adam. The child inherits his father's works, and in inheriting his father's works, he becomes "the boss" in the absence of the boss.

Although David was a messiah who was anointed (taught divine wisdom) by Samuel, Jesus did not build up David to the people. Jesus didn't need to be
anointed by Samuel because Jesus was produced by Divine Revelation.

David was a king and he was a man who respected divine wisdom. The oil (divine wisdom) with which David had been anointed made him worthy of being called a messiah.

Those who were to follow David and who were to keep his throne in power were called the sons of David. The nationalistic Jews were looking for a son of David or a messiah who would sit on the throne and who would just govern the world of the Jews. Jesus, however, was trying to tell the people that he was greater than David and that he was more than a messiah.



Jesus was one who had not inherited the works of his physical father, but he had inherited the works of his Creator (God).

In Islam, we don't use the term "father" interchangeably for God because a father's role is limited. A father is one who generates the human life by throwing off the seed. He gives the seed to a receptor, which is a female womb or a fertile field that is separated from himself, and that germ depends upon the womb for its growth. The father concept is good when we are talking about what happened in the physical world to separate matter from the body of mind, but it is an inadequate term when we are talking about God.




29. Of Him seeks (its needs)
Every creature in the heavens
And on earth:
Every day in (new) Splendour
Doth He (shine)!

Holy Qur’an Yusef Ali translation Sura LV: 29


Almighty God Allah creates life and He creates mind which comes into the world and feeds upon the physical world.

What happens to the mind that Allah creates that comes into the world and finds nothing upon which to feed?

Jesus said that he came into the world and that there was no fruit, because the people had nothing to offer as food for hi« mind. The mind that God creates cries to the Originator of the heavens and the earth, and in turn for its sincerity, God begins to feed this mind. In feeding the mind, God is clearly shown as being more than a father because he is able to produce life without the aid of a womb.



Most of the people of Jesus' time were too ignorant to understand what he was telling them. When those who thought that they understood him allowed their teaching to become corrupt, they lost its true meaning.

When Jesus referred to himself as being one who was not born of the world or of a mother, he meant exactly that. He meant that this world, which is the womb for ordinary minds, was not the womb that produced his mind.

Christians say that Jesus was one who was born immaculately and that he didn't have a father. Jesus told the people that the womb or woman that had birthed his mind had not been touched by a man. He meant that there was nothing in the physical world that had given birth to his mind.

Jesus didn't need the womb (mind) of the physical world to feed his mind, and he was independent of the womb that the Jews of that time depended upon. The germ that germinates life in the physical world was not the seed that germinated the mind of Jesus. The seed that germinates life in the physical world is the knowledge of that world's philosophers, educators and religious leaders. But the knowledge that had given birth to Jesus was knowledge (divine truth) from God. What gave birth to Jesus was the germ in the body of divine truth . and it was not the germ of knowledge in the body of the physical world.



Jesus had a problem trying to give the message from God that had been given to him with the language and symbols that the people had at that time. He was limited because the people's understanding was limited. Jesus had to depend upon a great deal of symbolic language and he drew parables, symbols and pictures to try to get the people to understand what he was talking about. Jesus knew the common language of the people but that language was not fit for him to speak.




31.  What which We have revealed
To thee of the Book
Is the Truth,—confirming
What was (revealed) before it:
For God is assuredly—
With respect to His servants—
Well acquainted and
Fully Observant.

Half Quran - Yusuf Ali Translation — Sura XXXV: 31


The people who have a true understanding of the scripture know that the return of Christ means that the particular message that came to Jesus (his word and his truth) and his work are going to come back. They believe that God is going to reveal the truth and that when He reveals it, truth will establish itself on that bit of truth that has survived the test of time.

There is truth of Jesus in the Bible but that truth is only piecemeal and fragments of the pure body of truth that Jesus actually taught. When the whole truth of Jesus is revealed it is going to establish its validity on the fragments of truth in the Bible that have survived.



We in the Nation of Islam (Body-Christ) are saying the same thing that Jesus said, but we are saying it in plain language. In the days when Jesus was preaching, there was a different situation existing than the situation that exists today.

In Jesus' time, Rome was ruling over the Jews, they were being persecuted and they were hated because they were stirring up trouble by teaching the people religious truth. They had to speak secretly for their safety. So Jesus didn't boldly say what he was, but he said that there would come a time when he would speak in plain language.



Brothers and Sisters, we're telling you plain facts. Divine Mind has brought into birth for the whole world a messiah, a Christ, a Saviour, a Son of Man, an anointed, a king, a caliph. Never will there be a time coming that will be greater proof of the return of Jesus than this present time.

The problem is that many people can't see Jesus for looking at themselves. For years we have been presented a picture of a white Jesus on a cross.

Now a new trend has come up  n religion where the black man has been put on the cross. But that's not Jesus, that's a black man on the cross.

Jesus is the Son of Divine Mind (divine truth) and the servant of Allah's truth can exist in any color physical body. It just so happens that Bilalians (black Americans) were the people who cried out longer, more continuously, more pitifully and more sincerely than anybody else to receive the Jesus Christ. In answer to that long and sincere call, truth has come to Bilalians.



In order to see Jesus, you have to arrive at the first truth. The first truth is that there is no god but Allah. Then you can begin moving from that truth. That's what has happened in America with the Nation of Islam.

We in the Body-Christ (Nation of Islam) have been blessed to receive that body of truth that was revealed at Mecca to Prophet Muhammad (may peace be upon Him). That truth contained the truth as it was revealed to Abraham.

The original body of truth now has moved from Mecca to America, the land of the Church. The divine truth has shone out of the East even unto the West. That is the proof of the expression of the coming of the Son of Man.

Thank you for honoring us with your time to read these few words.

Your Brother,
W.D. Muhammad



In true scriptural language, 'words' mean much more than spoken words. It means anything that gives a message to your mind. So God is speaking to you not only with words, but with all the objects in the physical creation. These messages that reach your mind are called the words of God. It is these words that form your mind and your personality.

You are really a creation of words. Nothing can make a man or a woman but words. Human beings can be born again. All you have to do is to allow yourself to be fed by a new kind of word and that will make you come into a new person again.