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Reprinted from the Muslim Journal


Muslim Journal

Gog And Magog: Part 7

Imam W. Deen Muhammad

Are we going to join the righteous and ask Zul-qarnain come and show us the mercy of God and how to take iron blocks, melt and put them between the mountains, and cove: them with lead, to hold back the forces of Gog and Magog?

Now many of you don't have the same method; maybe you won't use Zul-qarnain's strategy for that particular people it that particular time. But we need a Zul-qarnain who know how to get at the bottom of things and find causes behind effects.
We need such persons to show us how to deal with the problem of Gog and Magog forces on this earth because this thing has spilled over into the home life.
You have a dope fiend who robs you of your income. You can' live a decent life or have a decent family because of him. You have drunkards who pour your wealth away from you. Theives, who are in jail all the time, pulling your energy away. That', the devil! He's planning against you, imposing on your freedom and future. So don't sit with your hands folded and go on everything is normal. This is the most un-normal society that man could possibly imagine. And the trend towards abnormality continues.

The Trend Toward Abnormality

They have passed on this silly mind to everybody. You can't talk to members of your family because everybody's too damn opinionated. They'll quickly say, 'I'm entitled to my opinion.' Well, who in the heck is going to accept that somebody dictates judgement?
The house is being torn apart and the resources wasted, because there are too many opinions in the house! Shouldn't there be a God, a superior authority that we can turn to and say, let us all listen to Him!

Upon The Breadth Of Air

I don't want to make you think that I am out of control; but I've learned how to go upon the breadth of the air and do battle with Satan up there too. Occasionally I get on the breadth of the air and I punch some emotional buttons and do battle with him. I like to fight him on the ground but sometime you can't fight him on the ground because he refuses to come down. So we prepared an arrow and dipped it in a solution and shot it up in the sky and knocked the demon down.


Let's look at the dictionary's definition of anarchism: "a doctrine advocating the abolition, (the destruction, the total end) of government, as the indispensable condition for full liberty." That's a doctrine or a belief. People believe that. If people did not believe that it wouldn't have gone into the dictionary. Some people believe that any form of government is bad. Can't you see the forces or trend of anarchism in the life of America, over the past 20 years or more?

No revolutionary can give us a system to replace that system he says down with. The Marxists said 'down with the system' and came up with the Marxist ideology, as a new system. But in America we said, 'down with the system,' but we have no vision or ideology for a new system.

Do you remember Woodstock? Freedom for freedom's sake; not a principled freedom. It was a degenerated liberalism, freedom and Permissiveness. It was do as you please; do whatever your impulse bid you to do; your body and mind are yours; you owe nobody anything; what you do with your own body is your own business; smoke 'em up, snort 'em up, shoot 'em up, it's your body; have a baby at 13, it's your body; take contraceptives at 13, it's your body; take your mother to court if she interferes with you, it's your body.

A Believer In God

I’m happy to be a believer in God, the One Lord and Creator over everything.
I'm happy to be a Muslim.
I'm happy that I have chosen to follow a lifestyle that God gave me and not one the world gave me. The lifestyle of Muhammad, the Prophet, peace and the blessings be on him.
I want to live like he lived and not like these worldly heroes live. No, I don't want to live like the celebrities of the world or Hollywood stars.
I want to live like Muhammad lived. I want to live free.

This man Muhammad, peace and the blessings of Allah be upon him, braved the wrath of the majority Meccans who were idol worshippers. He survived their boycott against him and his few followers. He suffered for 10 to 11 years before he could establish hardly anything as a society but eventually upon the invitation of the people of Medina, he went there and was able to establish the Muslim society. That man became a great leader, in fact, the ideal leader and the complete and perfect man that God wants on this earth.

He became leader of the project to build the first mosque and he himself dug and picked up bricks and placed them. He worked right along with the common men for the construction of the first mosque. That same man sat over the top people and learned minds among his Companions and decided matters for them. He gave them direction and instruction from God and also instructions from his own logic or reasoning in the light of what God had revealed to him. He was a great instructor, a great ruler. He was an overseer of government affairs, a direc¬tor of the economy. All in accordance with what God had revealed.

When War Came

When war came this same man got on his horse or on his feet and walked to battle with his men. He risked his mortal body in the heat of war, just like the other men. This was Muhammad the Prophet, peace and blessing be upon him.
He had no entourage, or elite honor guard. He slept on a very thin mattress that you could hardly call a mattress; it was just a skin, like that of the poorest man of his day. This same man was seen sweeping the floors for his wives; or going to the store to get his own milk, bread or fruit just like all the other common people.
In a terribly dangerous time, he had the faith that God was seeing him as well as his enemies. He felt, "I was born to live free and I will live no other way." He was a great man. Most of you can't even do a simple job such as locking up the masjid, without asking for a security guard to go with you. You want extra supplies and a big title and an entourage.

Anarchist Influences

So this idea or doctrine, that believes all governments are corrupt, bad, or wrong, says that man on earth will not come into the ideal shape until there are no governments. This is being sold to the people all the time. They're not asking you to become an anarchist, but they are feeding you with influences that are making you become anarchists. Children think it's wrong to have to accept authority from their parents; they think authority is mean. They think it's bad and that the parent's aren't being nice to them.

If you tell your child 'go take the leaves off the grass or to cut the grass' he or she might say 'Are you asking me or telling me?' They ask, 'Do I have to do it now, or can I do it later?' They have to have some say in the matter. They just can't go and do it, they have to have some words with you. If you say, 'well, no, I want it done now.' 'Why?' they ask, `Because it looks bad out there.' 'That's your opinion, they say.

That's Gog And Magog Talking

Who is that talking? That's Gog or Magog, the instrument of Satan talking. I didn't raise my child to talk to me that way. I didn't ask the society for that kind of child. Satan gave us those children.
They will ask you, 'are you following Wallace D. Muhammad?' If you say, 'yes.' They say, 'we've had enough leaders. That's what's wrong with us now, leaders. We don't need any leaders.'
So they invite you to become Magog and join those who don't believe in having a head. But they won't go and tell the government that they don't approve of the Head of State; that they reject him. They won't tell the government they don't want any leader in the United States over them.
Only the camp of the oppressed cannot have leaders. And we know if the blind lead the blind, they all go, right? So Satan is planning for the camp of the oppressed. 'Oh, mister, this is 1986, almost 1987, this is not the 60's anymore. We are not oppressed.'

You're More Oppressed

You're more oppressed now than you were in the 60's; your future is more bleak now, than it was in the 60's. We have less respect as people in America and in the world than we had in the 60's. In the 60's there were three African nations that admired us. I've been in those places recently and they don't admire us because we are leaderless.

The Media Makes Leaders

The media makes leaders for us who are nothing but shams. We are too weak and too afraid that we are going to lose welfare security and patronage benefits. Yes, I know the stake. We are too afraid to brave the wrath of Pharoah.

If you believe in Allah and are a true Muslim, you don't fear people, you fear Allah. And when it comes to making the right decision, you make the decision that pleases Allah, not the decision that makes you look good, or keeps you in the favor of Pharoah or the oppressive force.

In concluding this, let me bring to mind another expression in religion that is very common; Son of Man. Satan's target is the son of man whom he wants to destroy. If he can't destroy him, at least he wants to make him of no consequence. He wants to crucify him, tie up his forces, and arrest his energies and influence if he can't kill him outright.
What is the sun of the solar system? It's the boss, the head, the leader, the ruler, the nucleus for the government that we call the solar system.
He wants to destroy the son of man in you. He wants to rob you of your rightful possessions, the government of the individual.

You Need A Moment Of Peace

Satan knows that if man can ever be left at peace long enough, he will come into his own. But Satan knows that if he can keep man in conflict and at war within himself, he will never develop to his potential. You need a moment of peace to get yourself together.
Allah says that He created man from a small life germ, but first an emission of watery fluid, and He caused it to be placed in a place of rest, and there in that place of rest, comes a clot, a fetus lump, and goes on to reach its full potential. But first it needs a place to rest.