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QUESTION: What is your advice to Muslims on going to war to defend American foreign policy?

IMAM: Participating in war is really a private matter as far as I am concerned. I don't think any organization should decide for people, whether they should participate in war or not. People have to make that decision for themselves. All we can do is set the right example by following the principles of our religion.

We can set the right example and hope that people will be influenced by the best that we have to offer. But as far as making judgments for individuals, we don't do that.

I feel that any citizen of any country has an obligation to respect, with sacred respect, the responsibility of able male citizens to defend the country against an outside enemy or against inside enemies that are trying to undermine or subvert the good healthy life of his nation.

I think a citizen, a good citizen, would feel himself threatened by any attacks from outside or from inside. It's nothing but common sense for us to lend our support to our nation against those things that seek to weaken, undermine or destroy it.