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Muslim Journal

Gog And Magog: Part 5

Imam W. Deen Muhammad


(Editor's Note: The following is from a Taleem lecture delivered October 5, 1986 at Masjid Honorable Elijah Muhammad. This is part five.)   

Why do I talk to you like this? It's because whether you want to recognize it or not - I don't care if you have a Ph.D. in science, political science, economics, social studies, education or whatever. l don't care what kind of degrees you have - if you are an African-
American. you have never come into your own Unless you have come by the route that I am presenting right now. How do I know that? Marcus Garvey was a great man, I don't take anything from him. Frederick Douglass was a great man. He and Marcus Garvey had the spirit of life. Yes, they did. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad was a great man who had the spirit of life.

What is the spirit of life? It's the spirit of government. Marcus Garvey would not be satisfied because he wanted to see all black people have a sense of government. Frederick Douglass couldn't be satisfied until the African-American person had the same access of government that the white man had. They had the spirit of life. 'They had a sense of government of the individual.
Those men would not die because circumstances changed in. the White House. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad was trying to preach the White House dead. You know he wasn't depending on the White House. He was trying to kill the White House, with his preachings. And it looks like he did it, But since his death in February 1975 America has slipped from the number one spot to about number four or five now, among leading industrial nations of the earth. The dollar has fallen. The Japanese yen and the German dollar both have a better dollar now. Saudi Arabia is a country we used to laugh at. We used to say "they ain't got nothing but sand." Now it's exporting wheat to other countries. Saudi Arabia has more than enough wheat for itself, and it has nothing but sand.

Why is it that they can raise enough wheat in that sand for the Saudi Arabians, and still have enough to ship to other places? You perhaps recently heard on the news, that many countries now are moving fastly towards self-sufficiency. That means that the good days for America are getting worse. You know when they used to preach that God's spirit was with us. We used to preach in the Temple of Islam that one day the rich man is going to die, and old Lazarus is going to have to cut him a loose. That's a Bible story, in which Lazarus found himself in a situation where he was hungry and without a job, home or anything for so long, until once he got a rich man to let him hang around his table and eat what fell off, he didn't want to go anywhere else. He got very attached to the wine, half eaten chicken thighs, cupcakes, crumbs and stuff that the rich man knocked off the table when he was sleepy and half drank.

Lazarus would lick it off the floor. After awhile, it got so good until Lazarus said, "hell, I drink wine, man, that's been aged for 40 years 'from the best vineyards. The best cook in the world prepares my cupcakes." Now you know he's getting them when they brag like that. We used to say, "one day, the rich man is going to die and Lazarus is going to have to leave the house." Now, you might ask "are you 'advocating the same thing your father advocated"? No, my father was aiming at what I am now advocating. But the circumstances my father was in, would not allow him to bring them home. I'm not advocating that we have separate states. I know the white man killed his own white brother down South, for trying to have separate states. I know we are not going to get separate states.

I don't want separate states if you're going to can them Georgia, Alabama and stuff like that. But if you're going to call it Wallace, I want my" separate state. I want to be the boss in my separate state. If it's Rasheed, or Warithuddin1 or George and Muhammad, and Ali, then yes, we want our separate state. We don't want any, other authority ruling in our state but us, under God. And then we want to come together as independent governments and our individual selves. We want to chart our course and bring life to the ghetto collectively. We want to move the intruders out collectively, and build substance collectively. I want to build an economy collectively. And we can do it if we have the government of ourselves. The only thing that will hold -us back from that achievement is being deprived of the government of ourselves, We're too weak! We don't have the government of ourselves: If they put a pretty white woman on us, we'll give up the project. Put a sissy on us and we give up the project. Offer us a fist full of dollars or a few dollars more and we give up the project.

We're out for hire. Why? It's because we don't have the government of ourselves.
So the only thing we need to get rid of the problem of being in the crossfire of Gog and Magog is to come to, Allah, the Qur'an, and follow the prophets, the best examples of God's men, not the world's men. And the best of them in their completeness that God wants far man is Muhammad, the last one, peace and blessings. be upon him. That's the answer. We should each come into the government of the individual, and let no man invade your private and sacred domains. If we only let God dictate what should happen there. We will be successful and won't be vulnerable subjects, and victims of Satan's strategies, deceits, snares, tricks, and traps. We will escape all of that, because we won't be a target far him. No. He would have to bypass us. He would have to reach us through a victim.

What should we be doing? We should be trying to alert, alarm and inform as many of sleeping people as we can. We should practice the method of propagation, that Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon. the Prophet, gave us. He told his followers, that once they'd learned one line of Qur'an, to take that one line and give it to someone who doesn't know it.