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QUESTIONS: (Would you please answer this before New Year's Day.) Should Muslims drink non-alcoholic beverages that are sold in bottles that look like wine or whiskey, such as non-alcoholic Cold Duck which is served at various gatherings?

IMAM: A couple of weeks ago I had a taste for a nice drink. I thought to get some white Welch's grape juice because 1 like grape juice, and this time I wanted a change. I wanted something special, so I went to get me some white Welch's grape juice.

When I went to look for it, I passed by the display of those other non-alcoholic drinks in wine-looking bottles, and I hesitated. Even though it was halal it was okay to drink I hesitated because it was in that wine-looking bottle. Maybe I was afraid that someone might see me with that bottle and think I was bringing out liquor.

QUESTION: Should Muslims go to dinner dances given by non-Muslims? I have difficulty attending these functions and cannot watch people drink.

IMAM: It's not the right atmosphere for a Muslim.   It's  not the  kind of environment Muslims should be in. But I think since we are in a Christian society,  sometimes I  find it . necessary to attend functions where people are serving drinks.

I don't expect that they will get drunk or anything because usually they are dignified functions. But some people do drink alcohol at certain times. What I do is to try and get there either before or after the time they are drinking and get out right away.

I don't like to be around people drinking, but I think a lot of other things we are around are just as bad. We have to understand that sin is not just drinking and dancing sin comes in many forms.

I think we should consider the other kinds of things that we arc  around right in our own a home environment that are very detrimental I to a  Muslim's well being,  such as constant bickering and arguing and aggravating each other in the family.

There is a lot of that going on now, where family members are aggravating each other, constantly tearing at each other and not feeding the home atmosphere with kind sentiments.