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NEW YORK. N.Y- - More than 300 Muslim youth gathered at P.S, 175 on September 15, and listened intently for more than an hour as Imam W. Deen Muhammad, leader of the American Muslim Mission membership, answered their questions. Ages in the group ranged from 3 to 25 years.

In upcoming issues, A.M. Journal will print these questions and Imam W. Deen Muhammad's timely responses.

QUESTION: How do you feel about Muslim brothers joining the military?

WDM: Who wants to see their son or somebody's son go into a war where he might be killed?

Who wants to see that? Nobody! But who wants to see a country weak with no citizens to defend it?

We are not at war. So really that's not the worry now, is it?

The worry is not that the children will get killed unless a war is declared. I don't think the situation — the small confrontations our country is involved in. in South America, and in some other locations is enough to frighten any mother or father.

So I think that a child — a son. or a Muslim youngster — should not be discouraged from going into the military) service, because he can take advantage of a lot of opportunities to gain skills and education that will pay off once he gets back home.