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What Is The Difference Between Masjils, Old Council Of Imams

Imam W. Deen Mohammed


(Editor's note: The following questions are excerpted from an interview imam Fareed Munir of Camden, New Jersey conducted recently with Imam Muhammad.)

Q: What is the difference between the National Majlis and the old Council of Imams? Is there a need for a Majlis to incorporate?

A: I don't think there's a need (to incorporate), but that would be. I think, probably decided by the members of the Majlis.

Q: And the difference between the National Majlis and the old Council of Imams?

A: That would have to be decided by the members of the Mains.

Q: Can communities incorporate Sister Clara Muham­mad Schools?

A: Yes, they can be incorporated. But I think to in­corporate all of them, then it becomes a national in­corporation. I would prefer to incorporate locally. And we are incorporated here.

Q: After the "10 Years of Progress", I think you spoke about using the Chicago Masjid as the example, as far as standards are concerned. And then comparing those stan­dards with of course, standards and values around the country. And if certain schools don't measure up, they can't use the name Clara Muhammad School. Is this still an interest?

A: If there's some way that we can form a board, not a school board in the same definition that we have in the public school (system4, but a board in the sense of an organization directing an institution, an organization. Just in the general sense "a board". Not in specific public school terminology. If a board could be formed, that would help a whole lot. Then we could appoint one member from each Masjid. or Masjid and school to repre­sent SCMS on that board or kind of Majlis. It could be a Majlis, couldn't it?

Q: Yes sir.

A: In fact, the Majlis that we have already accepted ... could serve that purpose too. We would have principals, from the schools, as invited guests or auxiliary members or something like that. Some kind of way that you can give them some kind of status, where if it's necessary to have principals come in and sit with the Majlis to ask them questions or to share, take minutes, get information, or (give a) briefing or whatever, they would be there. They would have some kind of status. So I think that would be the Majlis to take care of it.

Q: Is it maybe possible, I don't want to belabor this. that we can get maybe a couple principals or people who have really been pushing for education in our community, on the whole, and maybe get them to come to Chicago or something, and with a couple of people that you recom­mend, maybe begin the process. I mean, just to give us some kind of outline or idea of how things are functioning in Chicago.

A: I'd be happy to do that. I'd be happy to meet with any persons that would be selected, and we could just look at the whole problem and see if we can come up with solu­tions for all of us. so that we can keep to some kind of form for all the schools.