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Reprinted from the Muslim Journal


Muslim Journal

Gog And Magog: Part 4

Imam W. Deen Muhammad


The saints are those who have in their possession the government of themselves. I'm using the Christian term, 'saints,' but I only mean the good believers, whether they are Muslim or not, who have the government of themselves. There have been great philosophers, and builders of democracy in the early life of this country, who were men from among the people. They did not belong to the hierarchy or the aristocrats. They identified with the common masses, and they conceived a society that would be pleasing before God and that would best serve man's life. They came up with the Declaration of Independence, which says that "...we hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created equal, and endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights that you cannot take away from them. Those men believed in the Creator, and believed in a gift from the Creator to every human person, and that no one should violate the sanctity of the individual. And that he has rights of freedom, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Hm?

How can we have that freedom in a society like this?
What guarantees do we have today in a place like the city of Chicago, where you have to put bars on your windows, where you can't even let your elderly mother and father go out into the streets alone, where you fear for your child every time he or she walks out the door, when you don't feel comfortable when he or she is at school, under the principal or teacher, and security guards are in every hall, and you still don't feel secure, because you still worry about your child. Where is that guarantee in the United States of America of today? It doesn't exist! That precious idea of freedom and opportunity for the individual does not exist now! Satan has got the up­per hand. Satan has robbed America of its promise.

So what are we going to do?
Are we going to give ourselves to the influence of the world? Come under Gog and Magog? Are we going to be divided camp, instrument, or a tool in the hand of Satan, to work against the righteous? Or are we going to join the righteous and ask for Zul-Qarnain to come and show us the mercy of God and how to take iron blocks, melt them, put them between the mountains, cover them with lead, to hold back the forces of Gog and Magog? Now maybe you won't have the same method or use Zul-Qarnain's strategy for that particular people for that particular time, but we need a Zul-Qarnain who knows how to get to the bottom of things, who knows how to find underlying causes behind effects.

We need such persons to show us how to deal with the problem of Gog and Magog forces on this earth, because this thing has spilled over into the home life. You have a dope fiend who robs you of your income and you can't keep a decent life. You can't have a decent family because of him. You have drunkards who pour your wealth away from you. You have thieves who die constantly in jail and pulling your energy away. That's the devil! He's planning against you, and depriving you of your freedom and future.

So don't sit with your hands folded or go on like everything is normal. This is the most un-normal society that man could possibly imagine. And the turn towards abnormality continues. They have passed this silly mind on to everybody. You can't talk to members of your family because everybody is too damn opinionated. They will say, `I'm entitled to my opinion.' But who is going to accept that somebody dictate judgment? Shouldn't there be a God in our lives to turn to to settle our differences? You have an opinion and I got an opinion. The house is being torn apart and the resources being wasted, because there are too many opinions in the house.
They make the mosque and the church a joke, but you hardly ever see them play with the synagogue. But they play with and make the mosque and church a joke. They have movies about demons and other crazy stuff with the adhan (Muslim call to prayer) in the background. They have a crazy preacher and crazy imam. Hm?

Satan knows that if he leaves us at rest long enough, the life that God intends will enter and react in the body. When this happens, you will have in you a spirit or driving force to wake you up out of your laziness, intimidation, ignorance. Get up! You were born to be a government. You will have disorder and a cluttered, messy environ­ment. You will get up although you are tired and your eyes can hardly stay open. You'll get up, and say, "hell. I can't sleep until I put these things in their proper places and clean up this mess." The government will return to your body if they will just let you be at rest for a little while with your Lord. They know that. The devil and his host know what I'm talking about.

He knows that once that spirit of achieving government comes into your body and is turned on, it won't be long before you're going to shape your environment so that it will agree with that spirit. And if you can shape your environment to agree with that spirit, you will gain honor, a good reputation, authority, respect, and power. Be­cause after all, what is power? Power is a word that escapes us, until we nail it down. Material power; now we've got it nailed down. Moral power; now we're nailing it down. Spiritual power, now we're nailing it down. The power of wisdom, discipline, and government; now we're nailing it down.

When I went to China, God blessed me with what I considered to be an inspiration. I told the Chinese host who got into a kind of philosophical conversation with us, on just what everything is all about. I told him that I feel that the most important destiny for man is government...God created us to come into government, and here we are fighting government. We are fighting government in America, fighting government in the home, in the masjid, and on the job. We are anarchists.

And while we are fighting government the other party of Satan over there is building, regimenting and recruiting for regimentation. We are disorienting and he is orienting.
The son of Man has the passion for obedience to God, which is nothing but an expression of that spirit and design for the idea of government in our individual lifes, and in the society. That's why God says in our holy book, the Qur'an, that your death and resurrec­tion is as death and resurrection of one man, one person.

What's that one person?
The government of the individual.
When government dies in you, you're dead. When government is resurrected in you, you are resurrected. When you have a sense in you for government. you have life; when you have no sense in you for government, you have death. It's as simple as that.
I don't care how much you know, love to work or like to create, you're created as a dead person, if you don't have an appreciation for discipline and government in your life. You've got to have a sense of wholeness to yourself.

What did Jesus say when he blessed them to be healed by the power of God? He said, 'Go on, you have been made whole.' To be healed is to be made whole, according to the Gospel. And you're not whole until you have a sense of government in your life, and become responsible for that government. That will make you dutiful and will give you the power to endure hardships, disappointments, setbacks and failed expectations, etc.

Most African-Americans can't survive setbacks or a change of administration in the White House in Washington, that changed from favoring us, to disfavoring us. Most of us can't survive it.
It's because we have no life of our own. Our life is totally dependent on circumstances outside of us. So when those circumstances look bad, we have no more hope.

No other people are in that precarious situation. The Asians who come to the United States don't depend on an administration in the White House to keep them with hope. The Jew has been here for at least a couple of centuries; they came when the first people came. They've been here all this time but they haven't turned to the White House for hope. The Jew doesn't lose his spirit just because there are changes in the White House. He tried to get on top of things and control them so that he will know that the White House will be at his service. They are independent of emotional favor entreaties. We think if we get excited enough emotionally, we'll be heard.  Well, you can sing your tongue out now and nobody hears. You can holler, scream and make a lot of noise, and nobody’s listening, everybody’s passing you by like there’s a vacuum between you and them; it’s a vacuum and it has cut you off. There aren’t even air waves between you and them.