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Growth Towards Oneness

Imam W. D. Muhammad


6. O thou man!
Verily thou art ever
Toiling on towards the Lord –
Painfully toiling.—but thou
Shalt meet Him.

16.  So I do call
To witness the ruddy glow
Of Sunset;

17.  The Night and its Homing;

18.  And the Moon In her Fullness;

19. Ye shall surely travel From stage to stage.

Holy Quran Translation by Yusuf Ali: Sura LXXXIV  Verses 6, 16-19.


In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful; Peace and Blessings upon His Servant and His Messenger, Muhammad, forever. Amen.
There is no god but Allah; Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.

As -Salaam - Alaikum

My Dear Brothers and Sisters,
Almighty God has manifested His creation, including the human being, so that it might evolve or grow from a primary state to the completed and the perfected form which He has designed for it. In order to accomplish this movement into divine growth, we most first have a means for human survival in the earth. The religion of Islam is the answer to the plea of humanity for a means of survival.

The Holy Quran says that Allah will never deliver a people until they first change within themselves. Allah is trying to get you to recognize that there is already a natural force working within you for your salvation. Until you do something yourself to show that you recognize and respect the natural saving -force that is working within you, Allah will not assist you.



There is a conscience working in you telling you that you should not do certain things. It tells you that it is selfish for you to grow big while ignoring the cries of other people for the bare necessities of life. If the strength of your conscience enables you to make one small step towards Allah, we are told that Allah will make ten steps toward you.
This saying tells us that religion recognizes that there is a natural working in life and in creation that is divine. Divine works on the high plane of revelation as it is seen coining from angels or messengers of God, but it is also working on the plane of ordinary human beings. If you do not recognize the revelation of God on the ordinary plane of human beings, what justification would God have for bringing you up to a higher level?



You have a movement that is a natural movement in the world. If you recognize that movement, you can walk the path of human survival. Allah will begin to bless you (reward you), He will increase your blessings, and He will make your travel easier for you. This natural movement is not something that is revealed out of the sky. It is something that is pointed out on earth and then the way to perfect it is given from divine source.

If you want to understand Creator, try to understand creation. If you cannot reach the workman, study his works. You will then learn something about the workman because his mind is in his works and his works came out of his mind.


164. Behold1 In the creation
Of the heavens and the earth;
In the alternation
Of the Night and the Day;
In the sailing of the ships
Through the ocean
For the profit of mankind;
In the rain which God
Sends down from the skies;
And the life which He gives therewith

To an earth that is dead;
In the beasts of all kinds
That He scatters
Through the earth,
In the change of the winds,
And the clouds which they
Trail like their slaves
Between the sky and the earth;—
(Here) indeed are Signs
For a people that are wise.

Holy Quran Translation by Yusuf Ali; Sura II: Verse 164



All creation (whether it is rock, metal, ice, plant matter, or animal matter) has something in common because it is all in an active world. You do not see any visible activity when you look at a stone. But you know that the stone is made up of particles, the particles are made up of molecules, and the molecules are made up of still smaller particles called atoms. Atoms are made up of even more minute electrical charges called electrons, protons, and neutrons. All matter is in motion.

Everything that exists is not only in motion as a body or a form, but everything in creation also has an inward motion. Motion is necessary for life. There is no life until there is motion - a new motion has to come in to birth. When the new motion comes into being, we say that life is formed. We even speak of inanimate things as being "alive."



We speak of a wire that carries an electrical current as being a "live" wire. Even with a limited knowledge of science, you are able to recognize that a wire carrying electrical current is not dead as any other piece of wire is dead because there is something active in it. If you have enough knowledge of science to recognize that there is motion and activity in everything that exists, you will understand that the whole creation is alive.

The motion and activity of creation follows a pattern to bring in life. Before life is formed, new activity comes into existence. As it comes into existence, we see things that are beginning to form as being in a state of motion and appearing to be "looking for something." Objects are brought into existence by the Creator to unite, not to exist alone.

Whether objects come into creation as whole objects and begin to break up into parts, or whether they come into existence in many parts - they all come into existence to become one. When particles of matter are not one whole object, you cannot see any growth. But once they embrace each other and become one, the whole body begins to enlarge itself and begins to look for order. It is not satisfied as parts - it wants its own identity as a whole being so it struggles for self. Once the body gets in motion it wants to find order.

In the growth to bring life in creation, we have motion, order, and form. After the body gets its form (form is order which is rested), it still is not satisfied because it wants to. get a working existence or relationship with other things in creation.



Even if the body is given all of the physical food it needs, it still wants to move out into creation and find its place. It recognizes that it in itself is not one alone, but that it is one with even a bigger one. The body begins to search for order on a broader and a higher plane, so we can say that it was brought from nothingness into something by Almighty God.

The natural agreement that we call "peace" manifest itself in many of our struggles. The little child struggles to overcome his slow movements and to get up on his feet and walk. In trying to walk, he is searching for the balance that will put him at peace as a walker. After he achieves balance and peace as a walker, he then wants direction because his form has achieved smooth movement.


4,  Verily We have created
Man into toil and struggle.

5.  Thinketh he, that none
Hath power over him?

Holy Quran Translation by Yusuf Ali; Sura XC; Verses 4-5




To get direction you must have vision. Vision for some animals is eyesight like for the human being, but for other animals vision is a kind of hearing (radar) or a sensitivity. There are many kinds of vision. A man who does not have the vision of his physical eyes will "see" with the eyes that he does have, like the senses of hearing or feeling. When the scripture emphasizes vision, it does not mean just the physical vision. The scripture emphasizes the kind of vision that gives you the ability that enables you to connect with something — it is a movement outward.

You look out in order to move out. In order to move out you have to have direction from the sight of both eyes, which blends to become one sight. If you did not know that there were two eyes in your head, you would think that your sight was the sight of one eye. Brother and Sister, can't you see that there is a movement in creation towards unity, agreement, and oneness? That movement is seeking a direction and the direction that it   is seeking is also unity and oneness.



When the ancient religious people, established the belief in One God as an idea or a concept, they knew what was best for human survival. In order to survive as life in the creation of the One God, you must have one as the strongest concept in your life.

A musician can play on one string and get all of the notes in the musical scale out of that one string. Different strings are put together to make different music, but the music is really the music of one string. When one person sings alone it is called a solo. When two people sing together it is called a duo or a duet, but only one person is needed to make the song.

In mathematics you are always talking about one, even if you call it ten, fifty, a thousand, or a fraction. When you say fifty you really mean one expressed fifty times, not one created fifty times. One cannot be created because one is original — you can only express it again.



If the fine particles of matter in the air are ordered just right, you can see the many colors (rainbow) in the one light that comes from the sun. The Creator is able to make a prism that will break up the one light just by positioning particles of water in the right order in the sky, but man has to tool glass in order to make a prism that will refract light. When you send light through a prism and the prism reveals the colors that are hidden in the one light, don't think that you have created something. You are only seeing something in the one light that is original.



Both Abraham and Moses taught the people that God is One. These great prophets emphasized that God is One because this understanding is necessary for human survival. The most important thing to see in human life is that One dominates all creation, whether it is the animate world or the inanimate world. One is the drawing power, the controlling power. It is One that attracts you to come into motion, to take your proper form, to move, to grow, and to progress in the creation.

One is drawing the creation towards itself. There is One Being out of Whom everything came. That Being is the One to focus your attention on for existence, form, order, movement, direction, and peace.




25.  But God doth call
To the Home of Peace:
He doth guide whom He pleaseth
To a Way that is straight

26.  To those who do right
Is a goodly ( reward) -
Yea, more (than in measure)!
No darkness nor shame
Shall cover their faces!
They are Companions of the Garden;
They will abide therein (For aye)!

Holy Quran Yusuf Ali Translation. Sura 10, verse 25 - 26


Brother and Sister, you must focus upon One if you want to achieve the things that are vital for human life and human survival. If you do not focus on One you are going to miss the mark. The Holy Quran (in Sura 1, Al - Fatiha) mentions those who miss the mark, or those who go astray. These are people who are not condemned as people who do not want to hit the mark, because they are striving for it. Christians are referred to as those who miss the mark because they do not have One as a pure and an unadulterated concept for them to direct their movements towards.

The Light of Divine Mind has caused a new growth to manifest itself within and among the members of the Lost - Found Nation of Islam in the West (the Body -Christ). We invite all of you who desire truth and righteousness to join us in this growth to fulfill our great mission. We know that our goal is the Peace of Allah because our direction of growth is the natural direction towards the Oneness of God.

Thank you for honoring us with your time to read these few words.
Your Brother, W.D. Muhammad



In true scriptural language, 'words' mean much more than spoken words. It means anything that gives a message to your mind. So God is speaking to you not only with words, but with all the objects in the physical creation. These messages that reach your mind are called the words of God. It is these words that form your mind and your personality.

You are really a creation of words Nothing can make a man or a woman but words. Human beings can be born again. All you have to do is to allow yourself to be fed by a new kind of word and that will make you come into a new person again.



Because of the great dissatisfaction and confusion among our people concerning a proper and dignified name for themselves, we are very happy to make the following announcement to all so-called Black communities in the West:




Bilal was a Black Ethiopian slave who was an outstanding man in the history of Islam. He was the first muezzin (Minister) of Prophet Muhammad (may peace be upon him). He was so sincere and his heart was so pure that Prophet Muhammad and the other leaders of Islam under him addressed this man as "Master Bilal."
                                   , ,
The chanting of the Holy Quran and the call to prayer by Bilal were praised and recognized as the best by anyone during his lifetime or since. Because of his sincerity and his purity, he became an outstanding figure in the history of Islam. Bilal is loved by all Muslims all over the world, regardless of color or nationality.

Bilal was a beautiful and well known man who was an ancestor of our people here in America. He represents the old so - called African people. We have a double connection with Bilal because he was a Muslim and he was also a so-called African.

There is no more reason to have doubt or confusion when you are asked to identify your race or your nationality. We are "Bilalians" from this day forward.
Your Brother, W.D. Muhammad