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Reprinted from the Muslim Journal


Muslim Journal

Progress & The Burden of Misconceptions: Part 6

Imam W. Deen Mohammed

(On July 22 1990, Imam W. Deen Mohammed made this public address in Newark, New Jersey and has now prepared from it this article for Muslim Journal.)



I think the West recently has shown fairness about Al-slam, although they kept it from view in the past. Many of those having authority over the information and over the news media are guilty. Western authority kept hid the beauty and truth of Al-Islam ("Islam") and distorted the facts for generations for the hundreds of years behind us. But here in America lately, in the last five years, we have seen the American media bring truth and much of the beauty of our religion to the American public.

Educational TV programs and TV specials arc acknowledging the excellence of the Muslim people as found in our past and present life. America is not hiding that as was done in days behind us. Now I know there are factors to explain this recent change in policy, hut we (Muslims) are not to dwell on that. We are to be appreciative of the good the people are doing. Appreciate their repentance. Appreciate their turning to a more ratio.nal way of behaving.

We need to admit some appreciation for this new generation that is better behaving than their old generations. The "White" Western nations have recently grown into a posture that to me indicates that "White" Western Nations are accepting that "time" has brought them face to face with a global progression and a global demand for a global and globally supported civilization of the nations. This is the most Muslims should accept in what is being expressed as the coming of a "one word order ". Before his passing, our faithful and courageous behavioral reform teacher Elijah Muhammad (Elijah Mohammed) tried to impart to his huge "Savior's Day" Gathering the time-supported sentiments to do what is civilized and not to do what is irresponsible and uncivilized.



Let us not be overly suspicious to act upon weakness rather than upon strength. The Muslim obligation is for truthful and straight people. Allah's' Messenger said accept faith "and thereafter be upright," Allah the Merciful Benefactor, The Merciful Redeemer resolves forthrightly the problem with a group (or race) of people claiming for themselves an identity of superiority over others. Allah the Lord Creator, The Glorious says, "We made you tribes and nations to have you acknowledge each other. Clearly your most honorable are your most regardful."

Equality of "man" or the equality of "the family of man" is best stated as the equality of origin and opportunity. That is enough for the meaning of "equality". More than this will only serve to hurt the meaning. Moreover, "equal opportunity" is best stated as fairness. "Favoritism" brings to mind injustice, not equality. People would help themselves by seeking to know the difference between "equality" and "charity". We hope to always have room in our hearts for charity, but that charity is not to become an immoral charity.

We should try to get more people to understand that the common person who is a racist is oppressed by racism as are the direct victims of racism. Racism is a device observable in the economic oppression of people of all races. Racism is both a social deformity and a misnomer (a cover for many other evils).



The Satanic dupes behind the movement of racism in communication media keep themselves situated to deform the natural course of man's inherent excellence. The authors of racism are not themselves dupes of "racism". These dupes of Satan are not fools to buy their own lies. Those that racism benefits the most are not racist or followers of their own lies, These are exploiters promoting racism to divide to weaken and to defeat the natural course of decency and justice.

Allah created the common excellence of man, the behavioral aim in man's natural constitution. The winning position is to accept that this is the focus by which to unite and win against this ancient economic oppression. In the history of the most valued accomplishments, no other position on unity has served nations and individuals better. Do not accept to be united upon a base if that base does not honor human nature's mature aim.

World oppressors need to first "seduce" us out of our original form before they can exploit our individuals and our societies on a massive scale. Do not allow your bad feeling to bear on you too long when you encounter hurting treatment from miserable and misguided persons in society (the public). Much that appears to be coming from "race hate" is not racial. The evil to be punished is the evil of social alienation and social immaturity promoted to prevent the many from advancing into economic establishment.



It is not too difficult to find a family with a person in the family serving as "a punching bag" for the convenience of other members. We can find social rejection practiced by families to the sorrowful hurt of the "black sheep". Social immaturity makes it almost impossible to feel good about sharing close quarters, never having to he alone, talking, working, eating, socializing, and sleeping (resting) together.

A clear sign of social deformity is family behavior which allows lifeless objects for use, wear, and enjoyment to be valued above family members. Too many of us are coming home to lifeless objects more often than we are coming home to our flesh and blood. When we accept dependency on lifeless objects above concern for flesh and blood members, we share the guilt in the matter of making "a cold killer" of the commercial establishment as also the guilt in the matter of virtually killing off our family members.

The verbal violence called "race hate'* spewed from the mouth of a White person is normal activity in the homes of many African-Americans. At home we are clubbing each other with brickbats of racist America. Words as "black," "big nose," and "nappy head" are weapons in our hands to be used against each other and often there is no truth to support those insults. Naps may complement one's beauty. A big nose may complement one's beauty. Big or fleshy lips may complement one's beauty. Dark or black skin may complement one's beauty.

Family members at home will be in or will stay in a hurtful mood and will not accept to share close quarters or to be in close contact with a family member. This same deficient behavior and social immaturity is carried with the person outside into the public. We can shoulder burden better by knowing there are members of other racial groups who are comfortable with their social immaturity being upgraded in the public and called "racism".

A large number of African-Americans will favor a restaurant that is qualified by its presence in a White district, or by its White clientele, or by its White staff, or by its White ownership. With many of us being slighted, receiving no hospitality, racial insults, cold service, and even bad food will not drive us away. Something powerfully psychological is crouched in this behavior.

The urgency is as great as ever for African-Americans to invest and struggle to promote and build acceptance and social status with each other among ourselves. We can bring our "Black" social state up to accommodate our finest honorable appetites. Moving about in this country puts me in the way of what appears to be racial hostility frequently. However, my own people's racial behavior hurts more.

To be continued...