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Reprinted from the Muslim Journal


Muslim Journal

"An Indirect Approach (to Family Problems) to Getting a Better Situation at Home": Part 1

Imam W. Deen Mohammed


(Imam W. Deen Mohammed made this public address in Dayton, Ohio on September 29, 1991. From it he has now prepared this article for Muslim Journal's readers.)

We trust Allah for the rewards. We ask Allah's blessings and His forgiveness for our sins and our shortcomings and our mistakes. We ask His favor on all of our efforts, because we know that without Allah's favor nothing can come about of good for us. We trust Allah, and Allah's favor is on us always when we are striving as Muslims to do what pleases Allah.

I will begin discussion of this topic, an "Indirect Approach to Family Problems." By indirect I mean exactly what I am saying—indirect. I won't go directly to the problems of home life, for they are many.

I think by going directly to the problem we can only do so much. The problem of getting cooperation from the family members, the problem of having the life that we would love to have appreciated by all family members and whatever problems we have—even to criminal behavior that may be in some of our youth—we can only do so much by direct approach. Those problems are the results of the problems of the society itself. The society itself is at fault. And if we try to fight these influences with our little small resources as parents and family members, we can only do but a little.

The big help must come from influences equal to the powerful influences of the society. And I know of no influences equal to the powerful influences of the society but the influences of truth as revealed by God.

(To be continued)