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Imam W. Deen Muhammad Issues Statement On Recent Ratification Vote

Imam W. Deen Muhammad


Bismillah. This announcement is for the general community of the American Muslim Mission and I'm giving it to the editor of the American Muslim Journal.

RATIFICATION of Imams throughout the community has brought some matters to my attention.

In some of the places where the Imams were not ratified, believers have insisted upon their elected Imam being recognized and given the duties of Imam over their masjid. It should be understood that a period of 60 days is required to allow the former Imam time to relocate if he has been living on properties of the masjid or if he has had his needs taken care of by the masjid.

Also, time is needed for us to study the developments so that we will know that there was proper procedure and that the Imam did transfer his responsibilities over to the newly elected Imam as is required.

Only in cases of serious wrong-doing will the Imam be asked to leave his office immediately without the benefit of this 30 Lo 60 days for transferring responsibilities.

THE SECOND matter that has been brought to my attention is the charge that ratification was carried out in a way to deprive members in good standing of an opportunity to participate in the ratification process.

We are not in the position to act on these charges. We trust that the local community of sincere, conscientious Muslims will use their good moral influence and their voices to see that these ratifications are done properly.

We have received correspondence from Tulsa, Oklahoma, and I believe the matter has been resolved there satisfactorily. The new Imam is now functioning there with full responsibility of his office.

We also received a complaint from New Orleans, Louisiana, and it seems that these complaints are coming from a minority of the members. We are in no position to judge them.

IF A MAJORITY has supported the Imam, then the minority has to accept that majority's decision.

If there has been some improper procedure, then we expect that the Muslims who are sincere and conscientious, morally practicing people will use their voices and their good influences in support of what is right.

YOU CANNOT expect of your Imam, Warith Deen Muhammad. the kind of burden or responsibility placed upon him (solely) that is (to be) shared by all believing Muslims. If we are to grow, our leader is not to be bogged down with matters that are of a local nature, especially when guidelines and organizational structure are provided so that local members can carry out their responsibilities of supporting good local leadership and bringing pressure to bear when the local leadership is not good.

Again. I would like to remind the community's membership that unless there are serious violations or wrongdoings on the part of the Imam, that he has to be given a reasonable period of time to relocate, to adjust himself to the new situation and to transfer responsibilities of his office over to the newly elected Imam.

Thank you. As-Salaam-Alaikum.