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ALLAH— The Rabb Of All The Worlds

Imam W. Deen Muhammad


(EDITOR'S NOTE: Following are excerpts from a set of two tapes now available by mail order from the Sister Clara Muhammad Memorial Educational Foundation, See order blank below.)

Allah says in the Quran, "Think not (man) that your creation is bigger than this universe/' It says your creation is not bigger than the creation of the heavens and the earth.

This is a very rational religion. It's no different from the religion Allah gave Adam, Moses, Abraham or Jesus. It's no different from the one He gave all the Prophets.

Allah tells us in this religion that, "Think not, man, that you are bigger than this creation that I have made outside of your body." Don't think that you're some kind of special supernatural being. No, you got your creation from this creation I made here and because of Me and My plan for you, you have evolved outside of that creation, I'm your Rabb. I know I'm responsible for you evolving out of this material world.

Allah says in another place in the Quran that He has established the human being on the pattern in which he established the creation itself. The design for our behavior, the design for our possibilities are the same design that Allah put in this creation, itself, the whole creation, and we have been raised up or evolved upon that design.

Whatever possibilities we have intellectually or any other way, they come out of the vast great creation. This is no superstition, this is rational religion, this is the only true religion. Can you do mathematics? You couldn't do it without the creation. Can you read? You couldn't do it without the creation. Can you talk? You couldn't do it without creation. Can you sing? You couldn't do it without the creation. Can you write fiction stories? You couldn't do it without creation. Fiction is nothing but reality changed around. Can you dream? You couldn't do it without creation, A dream is just a mixed up report from the computer, that's all --we have to try to figure it out. So don't think you do anything outside of the creation.

Allah made the creation. He made you, and whatever is possible for you is possible for you within the possibilities of creation.

He created us, we have no possibilities outside of creation. Praise be to Allah.

Allah made the creation. He made the scientists with the knowledge of science locked up in creation. And in another place Allah says, "He created, then reconciled what He created" - then He freed the potentials in what He created, then He guided His creature. Isn't that beautiful, isn't that wonderful?