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Reprinted from the Muslim Journal


Muslim Journal

Progress & the Burden of Misconceptions: Part 4

Imam W. Deen Mohammed


(On July 22,1990, Imam W. Deen Mohammed made this public address in Newark, NJ and has now prepared from it this article for Muslim Journal.)

Science today, especially western, the behavioral sciences of sociology and psychology, will say there is no such thing as deviant behavior. I have read authors on the subject who said this field of science does not recognize any behavior as deviant.

It is this deviant behavior in the scientific disciplines of the West that makes science a tool to be used by the exploiters of the nature and productive capacity of people. Traditionally there have been among scientists some who would allow themselves to be instruments in the service of such exploiters. There is no desire to single out any particular institutions or any particular people.


Satan's Influence

That both religion and secular world science (deviating science) have been a key factor in the authorization of racism is a matter of history and record. The learned know of Satan's influence in the field of western sciences. It is Satan's influence that makes institutions and individuals work against the true nature and work against the true purpose of human life.

Satan's influence reaches us from high and low, from "men and jinn" and puts Satan's wicked print of himself upon the behavior of societies. One wicked print of Satan on the behavior of societies is racism in the language of dominance-serving religious and secular thought.

Muslims are not to think man's creation is a matter of magnitude greater "than the creation of the universe." Qur'an. Muslims are to give due and consistent respect to both Allah (the Creator) and to Allah's creation (the universe). Allah is the Creator of the natural world which holds the opportunity for man to enjoy life, excellence, and abundance. Allah the Merciful Benefactor, the Merciful Redeemer, created "everything" and by creation Allah provided for all our needs. Qur'an. Moreover, the spirit or the urge which responds to proper motivation for achieving goodness, excellence, and abundance is also from Allah (the Creator).


Creation-Patterned Existence

In the Qur'an, Allah says this religion (Al-Islam) is patterned on the pattern established by Allah in the creation of the universal scheme. Man's best possible existence, man's original workable life and individual constitution of body, mind, and spirit is patterned upon the pattern of the universe (the creation as a functioning system.)

I have tried my best to present as clearly as possible the unique identity of Muslims and our distinction in terms of how Allah (God), the creation and man are to be perceived. As would be expected, there is much more to be included.


"First Person"

As long as we have the knowledge Allah gave with the creation of Adam (our first father), we will not tend to become racist. Adam as father presents all of us as descendants on equal basis. The concept of man given by Allah is a concept for racial "esteem" and for repelling racism. And it is better to say "first person" when referring to the first human in our existence.


The Qur'an... The Bible

There is no legitimacy in the Qur'an and no legitimacy in the Bible for the descendants of racism. In fact, we would not fall to such ideas if we stay with what Allah gives so clearly in the Qur'an.

This concept of "the first father" is the concept for all the people "of the Book" (Jews, Christians or Nasaara), and Muslims who follow the Qur'an. For we (Muslims) share with Jews (Yahudi) and with Christians one and the same scriptural progression. Hence, we religious communities should not have this deceitful poison of racism in our life stream, but we do. And this strange burden on the religious communities is not the shame of the sincere believers.

The poison of arrogant racism is the prided work of Satan. Racism invites the spiritually weak people who have weaknesses and ambitions in the world which they cannot justify if they hold purely to what Allah (God) revealed. That is to say, people long before our time forged scriptural support and secular world support by building racism and European-family-tree racial arrogance upon "white lies." Their "white lies" are strangely bought by even the victims of racism. Some of us ignorantly buy their "white lies" and work their thing for them. How many African-Americans try to understand Elijah Muhammad's rejection of the term "Black Muslim"? Their thing (arrogant, hateful racism) is against our Father and against all the human family.

With further reference to Adam, the Father of all human persons, to believe in our father Adam is to believe in the nobility of the common man. One and the same excellence is property of inheritance, belonging to each of us, waiting in each of us, waiting to serve each of us, for each of us, and for all of us. Here is where we have the grounds of racial equality.


The Qur'an And The Issue Of Race

In the Qur'an Allah speaks indirectly and directly to the issue of race. History offers no proof that a certain race always enjoys a superiority. Over the many generations no criteria worth a grain of salt is established for the superiority of a certain race. If Muslims have a problem of this description, it is because Muslims are out of touch with the Qur'an and also out of touch with the recorded life of our Prophet Mohammed ("Muhammad") upon whom be the prayers and the peace.

In the last revealed Book, Allah says our (man's) creation is "from one soul". The Qur'an. In the Qur'an the term "soul" has meanings identified with the terms "self, "person", "psyche", and has also been translated "nature". Therefore, the word addresses our common original "nature" and behavioral constitution.

Informed Muslims will not accept to believe that any race is favored over another. No race has a behavioral constitution to keep it in the lead. History records rises and falls in the behavioral disciplines of the different races and nations.


Our Father Was Made In Heaven

When Adam was conceived, he was in heaven. Our Father was made in heaven — how wonderful! We believe this as a matter of faith and logic. Thereafter, Allah released man to freedom of conscience to meet moral and all kind of challenges, to choose destinies and be put into various situations for inviting or demanding growth, development, great production and abundance. Allah the Merciful Benefactor, the Merciful Redeemer, made our Father in heaven and put him in the earth.

Many of the uneducated and the educated can't stand me doing this (commenting informally). I cannot stand not doing this. To know or to get a better picture of what is being said, pay a visit to a hospital and see the "new" babies of the new mothers and new fathers. You might be moved to say, "These new human's are conceived in heaven." At least you will see babies in the behavioral state of "man's" heavenly soul.

In as much as the mother did not drink intoxicating drinks, did not abuse the use of drugs, and gave the original mother in her to the needs of her baby, the soul of their baby remained in a heavenly state until changed by influences from the heedless environment.

Moreover, mother and daddy received a baby that was not born sinful or "of sin". The "new" baby has no evil intent. The new baby is innocent. The new baby is not a rebel. The new baby of mother and father is the "clay" of obedience. Their "new baby" is ready to listen and to learn. A new baby is ready to follow momma and daddy.

Some uncomfortable soul may say, "Not all babies, not my house." What we are looking at here is not "your" house. The original house of mother status is the house that makes the difference. That house knows heaven. Decent obedience is in that house. A truthful good behavior is in that house. Some of us "come on" with good behavior but don't intend to stay with it (with good behavior). No evil, no evil design is in that house. Your "new baby" has to learn the way of hell at "your house".

Yet more wonderful, the new baby, the heavenly body, can survive growing up in hell. The new born of a notorious criminal may be in the nursery today among other newborns. The baby of the criminal will be no less the "clay of obedience". Yet more, the human soul can survive the hellish burden of life in some of our big cities and reach the rewarding finish and meet Allah unchanged.


Babies Are Without Nationalist, Ethnic, Racial Interests

It is rewarding to give thought to babies born without nationalist, ethnic, or racial interest it seems. New babies are ready to learn any language, join an African, European, Asian, American, or Island family. This is not said to promote racially mixed families. This is said to point to the sameness of souls belonging to this global community. This speaks for the "original man."

We can understand that what Allah endowed Adam with as man's essential constitution for brightening man's existence can be seen in its newness when just arrived from mother. I offer this picture of "new babies" because it is a powerful support.

More importantly, "Muhammad" the Messenger of Allah said, "Every person is born a Muslim and the circumstances make a Christian..." or other. In the Qur'an Allah speaks with the words: "We made you nations and tribes to have you acknowledge each other. The best of you are the most regardful among you".

Wanting a superiority for ourselves over any group is the work of Satan (Shaitan). "There is no superiority for a white over a black, or for a black over a white, or for an Arab over a non-Arab, or for a non-Arab over an Arab..." These are the words of Allah's Messenger from his Farewell Pilgrimage. (See Burkhari and Muslim: Most noted recorders of the sayings and the traditions of Muhammed the Last Prophet).

(To be continued...)