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The Wisdom of W.D. Muhammad

Imam W. D. Muhammad


Do not forget the Power, Mercy and Compassion of Divine when you are suffering little difficulties in this life. Remember that you can endure them. You have been prepared without your knowledge to endure pain and exercise the patience to wait for results.

In the cells that make up our physical body, there is a reception for suffering and denial. If you allow your mind to take on itself the burden of constantly reviewing your sufferings, it will get weak.

But if you go on and endure your sufferings, your life form itself will sustain all the blows. Give your mind over to the objective and keep on moving. If you fall out, then fall out moving towards the objective.  

Keep your faith in Divine and reflect on your physical condition in the womb of your mother. Know that you went through ordeals with your mind's eye closed to what was going on that were harder to bear than anything you could possibly experience in this life.

Remember: every living thing born from the womb grows to stand over the womb as the preserver, protector, and nourisher of the womb.

The Honorable Master Elijah Muhammad (may the Peace and Blessings of Allah forever be upon Him) taught us not to forget the womb. The Holy Qur'an teaches us to reverence the wombs.


The Wisdom of W.D. Muhammad:

This community is a progression from dust to industry. We're not here to bring together a community of spirits. Spirits are only one-third of the human form. We are here to bring together a community of total people.

We want to make it very clear to you what this Mission is all about. We are here to remake the world: not just the world of Temples, but the world of America and the whole world outside of America. We know just why the world has failed and we know where to charge the failure to. We have the answers.

The Mission of the Nation of Islam is to restore the total man, the total life, the total community. Pollution of land, air, and sea is a problem for this world, but it doesn't discourage us. We are not going to give up the city and go to some artificial garden of Eden to eat wild berries, to wear sneakers and long beards, and to go without baths. We haven*t given up on civilization — we started it. We're going to give it birth again and keep it going.

The Divinely appointed world saviours that we call "messengers" and "prophets" made the world. Those that went astray from their gardens remade it in an unnatural and unhealthy way. Because of that we suffer.

The human community, materially speaking, grows from Adam's dust to a Divine community called "New Jerusalem" in the Revelations.

New Jerusalem is a description of a city or a community with all that is necessary for a whole world society. It is a city government coming down from the sky. That means that it will come from high principles, high moral thinking, and Divine Mind down to the low mind of the ignorant and the poor who we re robbed by those f al se religious people who use to be in the sky pretending to be the heaven of God.