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The human child, born of its parents, grows up first under the mother and it acquires what we call "mother wit." Prophet Muhammad ibn Abdullah of Arabia (peace be on Him) brought the Universal Message of Islam that was for all humanity.

The Message of Prophet Muhammad was not a local message like the message that was addressed to Israel by Moses, but it was a Universal Message which addressed the whole human family of the planet earth.


26. Then whither go ye?

27. Verily this is no less
Than a Message
To (all) the Worlds:

Holy Quran Translation by Yusuf Ali; Sura LXXXI Verses 26 – 27

With the coming of Prophet Muhammad, the world learned that Almighty God does not always choose prophets who have worldly knowledge or prophets who are raised in religious schools. In Prophet Muhammad, God chose one who had no more than "mother-wit."

The name given to Prophet Muhammad (peace be on Him) in the Holy Quran means the one who received his knowledge or training from mother. This great Prophet is called "the Prophet of mother-wit."

Because he was sincere, honest, decent, and right, he was given the name “El-Amin" (the trustworthy one) when he was a young man. The rich leaders of the Arab tribes would leave their valuables with Muhammad ibn Abdullah when they would leave their communities to go abroad or to do trade because he was the trusted one.

His sincerity, his pure heart, and his decent, clear mind enabled him to reach God and to get a response from God. Upon "mother-wit" was built the great structure of knowledge that we call today "The Quran," which was revealed to Prophet Muhammad (peace be on Him) about 1400 years ago.

W.D. Muhammad